February 11, 2010

Pictures Finally!


My sexy man Ranger :)

Rosie the pony

If Strawberry's ears would have been perked up this would have been a perfect picture :D

Strawberry the bucking Belgian XD

Zorro wanting to give me a kiss

Nannie one of our new boarders :)
Well there are some pictures that have taken me forever to get on here :) I hope to get a video or two up here to show you more of my sexy man :)

Warm Weather!!

So the past few days up here has given us fantastic weather! Up in the 40s! The only problem I have with this is the snow is melting :( I mean for Pete's sake! It is the middle of February and we have NO SNOW.

So lately I have been giving Ranger some extra special care, doing some extra grooming and spending some quality time with him in the indoor arena. Since I have been going through some personal hard times, I feel like I need that personal time with him and it really ends up cheering me up :)

Since I have fail to post about the past few work days there is lots of news.

While lunging Ranger, I have found that he is most definitely a horse XDD I was lunging Ranger with the same routine as any day, make him walk off at a brisk walk to my left for a few rounds then trot for a while and then do some transition exercises. So I asked him to walk off and he starts at a very nice walk, but then halfway through the circle he would start to trot, then walk the next half, and he did this every time in the same spot for 3 rounds and I couldn't figure out WHY. Then, looking more closely at the ground, I saw this little hump that was almost invisible. This is where he was starting to trot as if trying to say "this is a HILL how can you expect me to WALK over it? It is so big!" Laughing at him, and myself, I had us move away from the said "hill" and he did fine after that. 

Yesterday, Wednesday, was another fantastic day, so Tia and I got all the stalls done extra early since there was no frozen bedding, which was nice for once. I decided that I really needed to spend some extra time with Ranger, so I went outside to get him from the pasture. Ranger shares a pasture with Strawberry (fat Belgian), Zorro (butt head paso fino) and Rosie (the cute pony). I had Tia come out with me with the whip because Zorro hates the idea of one of his pasture mates going inside before him, because heaven for bid someone would get FOOD before him. He is really a character. So I walked out and Ranger walked up right to me, and I saw Zorro coming towards Ranger, and Tia just swooshed the whip and he walked away, not to happy about it though. I saw that Strawberry was walking towards me, but she never gives us any trouble, but she must have been in a mood because she turned around and started bucking at Ranger and I. I got scared because I had Ranger on a lead line and the only place he could go was to back up, unless he wanted to run over me, which he didn't. Instead he took several paces backwards and Tia had time to get Berry away from us. It was totally unexpected but that is what happens when dealing with horses.

After about a minute I got Ranger calm enough to walk up to the gate so we could go inside. Once we got into the inside arena I decided that I didn't want to work with him right away, but instead allow him some time to just roam around, so I unhooked his lead line and almost instantly he started to pronk across the long side of the arena and cantering. He looked so happy so I just sat down on the mounting block and just watched him look so young and graceful. After a while he decided that he was a sexy man and looked at himself in the mirror for about 30 seconds until I called him over, then we had our lunging session.

He was a great boy during lunging, he is not afraid of the whip like he use to be and if I gently swoosh it he just knows that I want him to keep moving, and not go at a dead fast canter. I know Ranger won't be at the barn forever and I contacted my boss today asking her if she had his owner's e mail so I can contact them, because I would love to keep seeing Ranger and riding and working with him.

Hopefully get to ride on Friday (tomorrow) :)