September 22, 2012

New Chapter

Summer is officially over, well has been for about 3 weeks. When school first started I missed MN more than ever, especially the barn and my barn friends. My equine management class didn't help either. For the class we have to do chores at least twice a week (on AM and one PM), and clean a stall at least three times a week. Lets just say, the chores aren't as fun to do as they were in MN. I remember my friend Katy and I just chatting away and having a blast, but at this new barn I just feel like the workers (which are other students) are just kind of stuck up, especially the ones that have been working there for a while.

On to some good news, I have landed myself another barn job!!! I joined the Dressage Club on campus and talked to the owners of the barn that the club takes lessons at and they were looking for some weekend help, well lucky for me I have Friday-Monday off from school. The barn does shift work so I go to the barn for 8 and start with turnout, and then I proceed to muck stalls and clean until 1. Luckily there are always two workers in the morning shift or I'd be there all day. Even with two workers we didn't get done until about 2, which is fine for me. I am just so glad to be back in a barn setting.

The facilities are great and the barn owners are awesome. They are picky about how things are done, but I am the same way. Don't do a job if you are going to do it half asked. I do get paid and as an extra perk, every 40 hours I work I get a free riding lesson, so I work four days a week, five hours a shift, so that means every other week free riding lesson!

In the future I am hoping to do some extra riding at that barn, but right now I am just content being around horses all the time again, and yes, even cleaning stalls makes me happy!

Thanks for reading :)