May 27, 2010

What you think? And tell me if you read :)

Hey guys. In an attempt to actaully see WHO reads my blog, I am posting this topic =)
This post serves two purposes. One to tell me what you think of my new layout and two to tell me if you are a regular or even a new reader and what I can do to improve if you wish :)

May 25, 2010

Oh the wonders!

It has been FOREVER since I last posted...and I apologize for those people that read my blog. With work, school, and more work I've had little free time and when I do I am way to tired.

SO..where to start...

RANGER NEWS! He is staying until June!!! I don't know why he is staying to late but I don't mind at all. He has been such a good boy lately and his winter coat is almost all gone finally and he is looking mighty fine =D On an even better not Sunday I got to canter on Ranger. It was only on a lunge line since he likes to be Mr. Speedy Pony but that is okay I enjoyed it all the same. Since to Ranger's lack of balance he would lean into the circle and cause me to lean also, but I know thats due to his older age and my inexperience. According to Michelle my form looked decent so that made me happy. My dream of being able to jump is coming closer and closer.

So after a nice hour and a half ride Michelle asked Tia, Maggie, and I if we wanted to ride up the road. I was ALL FOR IT! I had never been on the road before. It went very nicely. At first I was nervous because I know how Ranger can be kind of spooky but he did very well! Thank god only a few cars passed us and they were VERY courteous to us and the horses.

So some non horse talk now. Graduation is almost here! I just got my graduation invitations printed off and it is time to send them out. I am getting very excited about graduating and going to college but I'm sure this feeling will change as the time comes closer.

There hasn't been much going on besides that, that comes to mind right off. Hope to get some pictures up of my life soon =)