January 23, 2011

Back to Reality

Today was the first day that I have walked, without crutches, in 44 days! Yesterday my foot felt great with just walking with one crutch, it was my right shoulder that was hurting due to the one crutch, so I decided today to try walking without it and see how I feel *shhh don't tell my doctor!*  My foot felt great. It was awkward of course, teaching yourself to use a foot you  haven't used in weeks is very weird feeling. At first it was quick shuffles, step with the right foot and quickly bring the left foot next to it, just in case it was a bad idea. After some shuffeling around the house I took bigger steps and it still felt good!

Later this morning I even decided to be useful for once since the past 44 days and I snow blew the deck from the 14 inches of snow we got Friday, yes I snow blew and it was good. I used my body to push the blower instead of my right foot. Towards the end I was a little sore so I came in and stayed off my foot for a while. I am so happy that I can walk! I plan on being able to drive by the end of the week, and should be back into riding in two weeks!

Thanks for reading :)

January 21, 2011


Yesterday I had my Doctor K appointment and I am partially walking!!

I went in and she got talking and she asked if I had been putting weight on it, I said no because people told me not to until I saw her, since I had the infection. She said I could have started partial weight bearing on Tuesday *head desk* Oh well better safe than sorry.

Here was the Doctor's plan for weight bearing:
Week 1 of just partial weight bearing, using both crutches
Week 2 Use on crutch and start wearing a shoe based on how I feel
Week 3 or once I feel comfortable with a shoe all the time I can drive and start horse back riding again.

Well let's just say so far my plan has been different then the Doctor's
Hours 1-3: Partial weight bearing with two crutches
Hours 4-present: Partial weight bearing with one crutch
Monday: Drive bare-footed (depending on the weather)
Friday: Be in a shoe
Week 2 or 3: Horse back riding!!

Yes it's a little different than the doctor's but my feelings are the less I 'baby' my foot, the faster I'll heal and be able to do what I've been longing to do for five weeks.

My last surgery I was walking with no crutches the same day I got the okay to put weight on it, because I had school the next day, the first day of my senior year, and I refused to be on crutches during my senior year of high school.

Now I'm going to look back on my surgeries while I was in high school.

First off I would never wish any person to go through what I did, espically when they are in high school. High school kids are so mean and immature and they were convinced that I was "faking" all of my surgeries and some of my teachers would refuse to let me leave class early to get to my next class, when we had two minutes to get to each class.

One funny part was that when people would joke around and be all "don't trip me!" or "don't run over my feet!" (because my freshman year, my first surgery, I was in a wheel chair for the first few weeks, and when a person said that I would either run them over with the wheel or step on their foot with my crutch xD I know I'm mean that's okay it's what got me through high school.

I am so glad that this whole ordeal is almost over. I just have one more surgery in May to take the screw and left over wire in my right foot and I am all done!!!

I want to thank everyone reading for putting up with my rants and raves and some what depressing posts over these past five weeks :)

Thank you for reading!

January 17, 2011

Little snow isn't going to stop me.

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow oh I wish you would get here faster. At 3 tomorrow I am going to the doctor's to see if I can finally start walking. I am 99.99% sure that she will say I can start weight bearing. There is one problem, we are suppose to get snow, sleet, and freezing rain, and it is suppose to start at 11, so there is a chance I won't even get to my appointment. But have no fear! I plan on calling the office if I cannot make it to the appointment and just asking Dr K if I can start partial weight bearing. I was there last Tuesday, so you would think that she would be able to tell but it probably isn't that easy.

This weekend should be a blast! Hopefully on Sunday we are going to have a sliding party at my Aunts and I hope to invite some friends along. We had a sliding party last year and it was a blast.

Friday, I am traveling to the great state of New Jersey (yes Dom and Erin thinking of you guys haha!), well my Aunt is driving and I am tagging along. The plan is to drop off a handful of girls that came to the farm to get bred, and bring some more girls back to breed also. I love trips like this especially when it is all girls.

Let's get this week a rolling!

Thanks for reading.

January 14, 2011

Best week and Best Friends

Yet again I have had a great week! No, I am still non-weight bearing but I hope next Tuesday I will get the "okay".

Monday: First day of classes for the spring semester. My first class was A&P at 9, which I love because I can sleep in until 7 and just take my time waking up and take a shower and just not have to rush. Next I was suppose to have math at 1 or 1:30, but when I went online to print off which rooms I was going to be in, I realized that I had signed up for a class on another campus <.< The college I go to has two campuses and I just assumed the math class I signed up for was on the main campus, but I was wrong. Let's just say I was in panic mode, because in order to financial aid to pay for my classes I need to be carrying 12 credits, and without that math class I was carrying 11. Tia was already going to admissions so I decided to go and explain my mistake and to see if there was anyway I could be squeezed into an online math or a live math class. Thank god they had a few openings in the math that I wanted to take. It wasn't the professor I wanted originally but beggars can't be choosers and I heard all of the beginner math teachers were very good. The admissions lady said that I had to send an e-mail to my advisor to tell him that I had signed up for another class and he would finalize it for me, apparently all freshman have to have their schedules approved my the advisors. So I swung him an e mail and I got a reply saying he was out of the office <.< At this time I was freaking out, I wasn't going to get approved in time, but I guess he just forgot to take off his instant reply thing-a-ma-jig and we got it sorted out. I missed the first day of the math class but that's okay. At 11:30 I had a Dr K appointment because my foot had developed a nasty infection. I went and she believes it was the internal stitches aggravating my foot but I was to stay on the antibiotics. I go back Tuesday to see if I can start walking *crosses fingers*
My foot as of today. It is looking very good!
Tuesday: My first Microbiology class at 9:30, I believe this is going to be a difficult class for me but it will be a fun challenge. 

Wednesday: SNOW DAY! Maine got at least a foot of snow so all classes were cancelled, great time for me to get ahead in my accounting class, I am in week two for my work and it is only week one.

Thursday: Now, this was one amazing day/night! My friend Chris, who my friend Kady introduced me to two years ago, Tia, Stephanie (Tia's friend), and I were planning to go to the movies to go see Season of the Witch. Chris lives an hour away and the plan was that his mom would drive him and go see the movie with us, which I was totally fine with his mom seemed cool in my book. Then on Wednesday she said that it would depend on the roads and she would go grocery shopping instead. This seemed reasonable to me, the roads were pretty nasty on Wednesday due to the storm and I wouldn't want myself, or anyone driving in those conditions if they didn't have to. Then last minute on Thursday, his mom decided that "It was a school night" and she didn't want to bring him. This really made me mad, why say this NOW when we had been planning this for a week? I was scrambling for ideas to make this work, Chris even tried bribing his sisters and she didn't take it, was pretty much thinking it was all lost and I was going to give up trying to plan anything every again. Then, I came up with an idea that I was sure could never happen. I asked Tia if she didn't mind going to pick Chris up, Chris was more than willing to pay for gas for the trip. The plan was a good one, but I wanted to ask my mom. Yes, I am 19, but I still make sure to at least ask my mom for permission on things I am not sure of. I asked her and she said that I could do want I wanted, I was 19, and it was my car, she wasn't keen on the idea but she said she couldn't really say no. I was baffled, and was thinking "No way, there has to be a catch somewhere" but I just left it and told Chris to be ready for 5. I also told my mom that I would check in a ton of times, which I did. So we got Chris, after seeing a horrible accident on the interstate that had Tia and I pretty rattled, and almost going off the road once and me screaming "FUCK!" as we started to slide ^.^ but it was all good we weren't going fast at all. 

We finally got the movies at 6:30ish, the movies started at 7:10. Through the day we had been joking about how we were going to get kicked out of the theaters...I didn't think it would actually come true! Haha just kidding we didn't get kicked out, but we almost did. Hey we are teenagers, having fun, give us a break. We were just laughing at each other's commentary, wait I lied, Chris's commentary he did most of the talking haha. 

Overall it was a fantastic night and it couldn't have worked out better. Granted, I didn't get home until 11, but I'm starting to realize that I'm only young once, and soon I'm going to be in a full time student out of state, and full time job one day, and I won't be able to do all these spontaneous ideas!  

Stephanie and Tia
So the night was amazing and I can't ever ask for better friends...EVER!!! 

Oh before I forget! Chris wore that hat above to the theaters and took it off the whole time he was inside, I mean what guy does that these days?! =D

Thanks for reading everyone!

January 9, 2011

Top 10 weeks.

This has been a week for the books, well it might make the top 10. I really need to start writing down stuff for my blog day to day, because I can remember that it was an interesting week, but what made it interesting is drawing a blank.

So for the things I can remember:
1. I had a first this week. The first time I ever gave a work notice. With school coming up and me wanting to become a vet, I decided that it was best to give my "two weeks notice" (it wasn't really a two week notice since I'm out on leave but you get the picture) so I could explore the vet world and try some other jobs, because of course that is what being young is all about, being able to explore new things. It was very hard for me to do this and the whole time I was talking to my boss my nerves were going 100 miles a second and I was waiting for some kind of blow up, because I generally think of the worse possible scenario. But I told my boss that I loved working for her and I loved my job, which is the 110% truth! I think everyone needs to either be a waitress or work banquets and weddings. With the outcome being no where near my imagined outcome, my boss told me that I could use her as a reference and that I need to keep in touch. In return I told her that she knows where to reach me if she ever needs a last minute worker.

2. Classes start tomorrow! I picked up all of my books and it cost me, well FAFSA, close to $900. I am taking the follow courses and the number of text books per class.
A&P: 4 text books
College Algebra: 1 text book
Accounting (online): 2 text books
Microbiology: 1 text book
I am super excited to start these classes, I realize this semester will require a lot more effort on my part than last semester but I am ready and prepared to give it my all!

3. I have been counting down the days until my next Dr. K appointment in hopes that I can start partial weight bearing, which was going to be this Friday. But today I realized that I had an infection in my incision, so I am going tomorrow between classes to see Dr. K and my mom picked me up antibiotics, thanks Mom you are my savior! I got an infection during my last surgery on my other foot, but this surgery is different from all the other ones because Dr K. stitched me up internally instead of externally and my incision was a little "gappy" but even though I did all of the procedures recommended by Dr K. I still got an infection, but things happen and I'm sure I will be okay, it's just discouraging. 

4. I have a "date" on Thursday xD

Thanks for reading!

January 4, 2011

Could have been a great day.

Today was going to be an epic day. I got the idea from my friend Erin's blog Skijoring but since I don't have a horse...and I'm nonweight bearing on one of my feet...I had to be creative! So replace a horse with a four wheeler and the skis with a snowboard and *poof* you have got yourself a fun filled day! The only problem was that my sister, Tia, and I had to wait for my Grandmother to wake up from her nap, she works nights. So I figured around 2 she would be up. Well around that time the phone rang, Tia answered then hung up, then called my mom to ask if she could go hang out with a friend <.< So much for a fun filled day!!!!!

Last night I was only able to do 100 sit-ups and this morning my stomach was burning, WOO!
Did 5 reps of my leg exercise

Also I have been trying to stick to just a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast instead of my 2 eggs over easy, home fries, oat toast on the grill, and sometimes sausage patties, and a donut sometimes also. Hoping this might help lower that itty bit of fat I'd like to loose. It's nothing HUGE just a little bit :)

Thanks for reading

January 3, 2011

Getting back into shape

Last night I made kind of a new years resolution, but more of a "while I'm gimpy" resolution, to get back into shape. I did mention when I went through my depression spurt that I did 30 sit-ups and some leg exercises. Well from that point on I did 0 sit-ups and just stuck to my leg exercises, and even then it wasn't consistent. So, last night my got my lazy arse into my room, but my body pillow on the floor for me to use as a mat and decided that I was going to do 100 sit-ups. I did those 100, talked to my friend Chris, then decided I could go for some more, so I did 150. I stopped there because I didn't want to do too many then not be able to function this morning. Next I did 5 sets of my leg exercises, where I lift both feet/legs 6 inches off the floor, keep them together then spread them apart, put them back together, lift one leg, bring it down, lift my other leg and bring it down. That is one rep. Its a great lower ab and leg exercise, one I learned from young marines. I so miss the days I could do 200 sit-ups in 2 minutes. I'm hoping I can stick to this until I'm back in the saddle, and even after then because I know being fit helps my riding so much.

Just a little post tonight.

Thanks for reading :)

January 1, 2011

Snow pictures!

Yesterday was the first day since the snow storm that I have been able to really get outside and enjoy the weather. It was in the high 30s or low 40s so I took the oppertunity to go outside and play with my dogs Louie and Sissy. Well, I should say I played with Louie. Sissy is too much of a prissy dog, and will NOT get her paws dirty or wet over a snowball, or better yet over anything that isn't food. She knows she is the queen of the house and it is so funny to watch her act like she is royalty. Louie, on the other hand loves to play with anything that can be thrown and caught. The problem with Louie is that he can go and fetch something, but instead of bringing it back to you he runs the other way and makes you go get it. You can refuse to go after him but he will just look at you, sit down, drop the toy, and will wait forever for you to go get the toy, that is why I prefer to throw snowballs, I can just pick up another bunch of snow and throw it for him without having to go anywhere, which is really good since I am on crutches now.

The Miss Pris herself! 

Louie. It was funny to see him climb up those huge snowbanks.

My cat Jasmine..who meowed and thought she wanted to go out but after 2 seconds it was to cold for her.

Louie about to catch a snowball

I see you, but do you see me?

He waits there with one front paw up until you throw the toy or object :)

On news about today, well first off Happy New Years! Next, I was super bored so decided to clean and polish my show boots!
See? SHINY! I am very proud of myself. Even though I probably won't be showing next summer if everything goes according to plan :)
Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading!