January 9, 2011

Top 10 weeks.

This has been a week for the books, well it might make the top 10. I really need to start writing down stuff for my blog day to day, because I can remember that it was an interesting week, but what made it interesting is drawing a blank.

So for the things I can remember:
1. I had a first this week. The first time I ever gave a work notice. With school coming up and me wanting to become a vet, I decided that it was best to give my "two weeks notice" (it wasn't really a two week notice since I'm out on leave but you get the picture) so I could explore the vet world and try some other jobs, because of course that is what being young is all about, being able to explore new things. It was very hard for me to do this and the whole time I was talking to my boss my nerves were going 100 miles a second and I was waiting for some kind of blow up, because I generally think of the worse possible scenario. But I told my boss that I loved working for her and I loved my job, which is the 110% truth! I think everyone needs to either be a waitress or work banquets and weddings. With the outcome being no where near my imagined outcome, my boss told me that I could use her as a reference and that I need to keep in touch. In return I told her that she knows where to reach me if she ever needs a last minute worker.

2. Classes start tomorrow! I picked up all of my books and it cost me, well FAFSA, close to $900. I am taking the follow courses and the number of text books per class.
A&P: 4 text books
College Algebra: 1 text book
Accounting (online): 2 text books
Microbiology: 1 text book
I am super excited to start these classes, I realize this semester will require a lot more effort on my part than last semester but I am ready and prepared to give it my all!

3. I have been counting down the days until my next Dr. K appointment in hopes that I can start partial weight bearing, which was going to be this Friday. But today I realized that I had an infection in my incision, so I am going tomorrow between classes to see Dr. K and my mom picked me up antibiotics, thanks Mom you are my savior! I got an infection during my last surgery on my other foot, but this surgery is different from all the other ones because Dr K. stitched me up internally instead of externally and my incision was a little "gappy" but even though I did all of the procedures recommended by Dr K. I still got an infection, but things happen and I'm sure I will be okay, it's just discouraging. 

4. I have a "date" on Thursday xD

Thanks for reading!


  1. Just with a guy my friend introduced to me a few years ago, I haven't met him yet, so my sister and her friend and I and him and his family are all going to the movies to see Season of the Witch :)