January 21, 2011


Yesterday I had my Doctor K appointment and I am partially walking!!

I went in and she got talking and she asked if I had been putting weight on it, I said no because people told me not to until I saw her, since I had the infection. She said I could have started partial weight bearing on Tuesday *head desk* Oh well better safe than sorry.

Here was the Doctor's plan for weight bearing:
Week 1 of just partial weight bearing, using both crutches
Week 2 Use on crutch and start wearing a shoe based on how I feel
Week 3 or once I feel comfortable with a shoe all the time I can drive and start horse back riding again.

Well let's just say so far my plan has been different then the Doctor's
Hours 1-3: Partial weight bearing with two crutches
Hours 4-present: Partial weight bearing with one crutch
Monday: Drive bare-footed (depending on the weather)
Friday: Be in a shoe
Week 2 or 3: Horse back riding!!

Yes it's a little different than the doctor's but my feelings are the less I 'baby' my foot, the faster I'll heal and be able to do what I've been longing to do for five weeks.

My last surgery I was walking with no crutches the same day I got the okay to put weight on it, because I had school the next day, the first day of my senior year, and I refused to be on crutches during my senior year of high school.

Now I'm going to look back on my surgeries while I was in high school.

First off I would never wish any person to go through what I did, espically when they are in high school. High school kids are so mean and immature and they were convinced that I was "faking" all of my surgeries and some of my teachers would refuse to let me leave class early to get to my next class, when we had two minutes to get to each class.

One funny part was that when people would joke around and be all "don't trip me!" or "don't run over my feet!" (because my freshman year, my first surgery, I was in a wheel chair for the first few weeks, and when a person said that I would either run them over with the wheel or step on their foot with my crutch xD I know I'm mean that's okay it's what got me through high school.

I am so glad that this whole ordeal is almost over. I just have one more surgery in May to take the screw and left over wire in my right foot and I am all done!!!

I want to thank everyone reading for putting up with my rants and raves and some what depressing posts over these past five weeks :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. If you rush the healing process, you may end up with permanent damage. Trust me. Did that with my ankle.

  2. You are right Dom, that is why I pay special attention to how my foot and actually my whole leg feels. If it hurts I go on two crutches for a bit. But you're right rushing things can cause a lot of damage.