January 1, 2011

Snow pictures!

Yesterday was the first day since the snow storm that I have been able to really get outside and enjoy the weather. It was in the high 30s or low 40s so I took the oppertunity to go outside and play with my dogs Louie and Sissy. Well, I should say I played with Louie. Sissy is too much of a prissy dog, and will NOT get her paws dirty or wet over a snowball, or better yet over anything that isn't food. She knows she is the queen of the house and it is so funny to watch her act like she is royalty. Louie, on the other hand loves to play with anything that can be thrown and caught. The problem with Louie is that he can go and fetch something, but instead of bringing it back to you he runs the other way and makes you go get it. You can refuse to go after him but he will just look at you, sit down, drop the toy, and will wait forever for you to go get the toy, that is why I prefer to throw snowballs, I can just pick up another bunch of snow and throw it for him without having to go anywhere, which is really good since I am on crutches now.

The Miss Pris herself! 

Louie. It was funny to see him climb up those huge snowbanks.

My cat Jasmine..who meowed and thought she wanted to go out but after 2 seconds it was to cold for her.

Louie about to catch a snowball

I see you, but do you see me?

He waits there with one front paw up until you throw the toy or object :)

On news about today, well first off Happy New Years! Next, I was super bored so decided to clean and polish my show boots!
See? SHINY! I am very proud of myself. Even though I probably won't be showing next summer if everything goes according to plan :)
Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading!

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