January 23, 2011

Back to Reality

Today was the first day that I have walked, without crutches, in 44 days! Yesterday my foot felt great with just walking with one crutch, it was my right shoulder that was hurting due to the one crutch, so I decided today to try walking without it and see how I feel *shhh don't tell my doctor!*  My foot felt great. It was awkward of course, teaching yourself to use a foot you  haven't used in weeks is very weird feeling. At first it was quick shuffles, step with the right foot and quickly bring the left foot next to it, just in case it was a bad idea. After some shuffeling around the house I took bigger steps and it still felt good!

Later this morning I even decided to be useful for once since the past 44 days and I snow blew the deck from the 14 inches of snow we got Friday, yes I snow blew and it was good. I used my body to push the blower instead of my right foot. Towards the end I was a little sore so I came in and stayed off my foot for a while. I am so happy that I can walk! I plan on being able to drive by the end of the week, and should be back into riding in two weeks!

Thanks for reading :)

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