January 31, 2012

First Ground Lesson

I really want to type this before my class since the information is fresh.

Today instead of a riding lesson I had a ground training lesson. Where S is teaching me how to do ground work with horses. Mr P was the horse victim for the lesson today.

January 30, 2012


There are many different ways to groom a horse, and many supposed "correct" ways. Do this, but don't do this. How is one suppose to know what is right from wrong?

January 29, 2012

Animal Bug *Adorable*

Like some many people, I have not only been bitten by the horse bug, but by the animal bug (which is probably worse!) I love all animals and am amazed at their unconditional love and really expect nothing in return except food, and some love. It is no wonder why I want to be a vet.

In my last post I mentioned how I wanted to have a german sheperd for a dog when I am out of school. For some reason last night I found myself looking online at rescued German Shepards, and consiquently came across this so CUTE boy! *Caution* Prepare for major "awws" 

January 27, 2012

The Lucky One

Have you ever read a book that impacted you way more than you thought a book could?
I'm not a huge reader by any means, I more have spurts of reading where it is all I want to do and other times I look at a book and shrug my shoulders and walk away. Even though I don't always have a book in hand, when I find one that I really like I try to read all I can.

Once in a while I will find a book that I really REALLY like and I find that it some how makes an impact on my life. The most recent book I read was "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks. I got the book on the flight to MN in the fall. I got really hooked into Nicholas Sparks when I saw The Notebook, then A Walk to Remember (easily my favorite movie), and then Dear John. I will be honest I didn't actually read any of his books until I bought Dear John, again on my flight to MN. In case you aren't familiar with The Lucky One, here is a summary from Kays Bookshelf

"Logan Thibault was a marine stationed in Iraq when, one day, he found the photo of a girl. He stuck it to the bulletin board so that it could be retrieved by the one who lost it. Since after a while no one has claimed it he took it back on a whim. He might have forgotten about having it on him too, but for the fact that he seemed to experience a sudden streak of luck. It showed not only in the small things, such as playing poker, but also in the important ones — in time he became famous for having survived the most bomb attacks. Logan’s friend Victor, a firm believer in such things, became convinced that it was all due to the photograph, that seemed to be acting like a good luck charm. Victor retained his conviction even after both he and Logan came home from the war, and encouraged his friend to look for the girl in the picture, in order to “establish the balance” (Victor believed Logan owed that girl something since it was her picture that kept him safe in war).
Which is exactly what Logan does: in a moment when life felt particularly bad, he called his dog and picked up his backpack, and started walking. From his home in Colorado to the first Hampton he could think of (the name Hampton was somewhere in the background of picture). Luckily for him this was the right Hampton too"

Yes it is a mushy love story, but it was a very good one, and actually it wasn't the whole "love" idea that influenced me. This book made me look at where I see myself in 5 years or so.

This is what I see: I have graduated vet school and I am either working at a clinic or running my own clinic. I have a dog (preferably a German Shepard; insipired by the book) named Gethro if it is a boy or Ziva if it is a girl (NCIS influence). The dog will go on the road with me and be trained to stay by my side and very obedient. I also live in a nice cozy log cabin (preferably on a lake) with a wood stove with a main bedroom and a guest bedroom with two bathrooms, a SUPER nice kitchen with enough cupboards that I have a few empty ones, two bathrooms, a garage, and a laundry room. Oh and the best part? I'm single!! Yes I said it for all of those people out there who are dying to find "the one" I see myself being single, with my dog, and loving it!!

Being on my own has made me realize how I love just being by myself. Sure I have my room mate but for the most part I get to keep myself company and I always think how having a dog would be the cherry on top.

Reading this book really influenced me, mostly because of the dog aspect (YES I read this amazing love story and I take away that I want an amazing German Shepard like in the book) Thiabult lived most of his life after the war with his dog who followed him around, and that was really only the company Thiabult needed until he finally found Beth. 

I loved the book overall though, it was very well written. A note of caution to anyone who might read it though, there is a part at the end where you are just going to want to throw the book down and burn it, but keep reading!! I got to this point and shut the book and was just so frustrated that I spent all that time reading and for that particular thing to happen just made me go mad, but I decided I needed to finish it, and I was wrong. You know what assuming does haha!

Well, that's just a little insight to what I hope my life looks like in the future.

Thanks for reading!

January 26, 2012

First blog award

Today I was surprised by a comment from my friend Erin over at Now THATS a trot , my very first blog award every and I am super excited about it (most because I don't think I'm that good of a writer haha!)

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. Here are the rules:

1. Copy and paste the award on this blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award.
3. Pick your five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.

I have a really select few of blogs that I read and really enjoy to read and some have over 200, so I really only have 4 blogs I can give this award too. So without any more delay!

My first blog is one of interest because I am a pre-vet student, and if Maine had a bigger need for equine vets, I would become solely an equine vet, but since we don't I'm fine with just settling to be a large animal vet. Equine Vet Blog, congrats Deron Nelson, DVM thank you for writing a great blog that gives us "hope to be" vets a glimce into the world of an equine vet.

Blog number two is A collection of Madcap Escapades, I have had the pleasure of reading Dom's blog for over a year now, and let me tell you she has some awesome stories to tell! She has 185 followers so she is almost there, lets help her reach 200! :) I love reading about her horse (Oz) and her pitbull dog Herbie! She is also an amazing horse rider and has always been willing to give me adivce when asked.

Blog number three is Journey of an ER veterinarian, I love reading this blog because it really gives me an insight about the good AND bad things about being a vet. From having to put pets down, to very angry owners of the pets. I haven't been able to find her name but her blogger name is ERDOC. 

Last but not least (not sure if we can do "tag backs") but I'm going to do it anyways, here you go Erin from Now THATS A Trot, you can say you got 3 of these awards :) I have known Erin for a while now and have always loved hearing her stories about her two horses Jabbie, and Willie. Erin works (worked?) for SRF, a standardbred rescue center. I love her writing style and her adventures and she is a wonderful woman!!

Congrats ladies and gent a very well deserved blog award!

January 24, 2012

Lesson 1

Yesterday I had my first lesson with S, a new trainer that was hired to give lessons. I was very excited about the lesson because it felt like a new slate. S mentioned that the first lesson would be an hour long because she wanted to go from the basics. I personally had no problem with this, because it shows me that she cares about her students doing the correct things, and to me that means that she is a potentially a decent trainer.

I showed up and brought in Mr P to groom him up and right from the get-go he wanted to prove to me that he wasn't going to make this lesson easy. Mr P has the potential to be a very dosile horse, but that side usually only comes out when he is worked regurarly. He started pacing in his stall and whinnying like a big baby. So I tied him to the bars of the stall, my first "mistake". S told me that, safety wise, it is probably better to tie him to the rings in the stall. I had never used these but have always seen other people use them but I never used them because no one showed me really how to use them so I never did. S explained that the bars, even though they look sturdy, aren't and that if the horse pulls them out, the outcome would be much more disastrous than if the horse pulled the ring out of the wall, or if the halter broke. I asked her how short I should keep the line between the horse and ring and she said short enough so that if the horse rears it won't get it's foot tangled up, but you don't want the horse to be pressed up tightly against the wall.

I grabbed the grooming bucket and started grooming. As I'm grooming S is asking me why we curry, and where we curry. I answered the questions correctly, but she elaborated as to why we don't curry in some places (such as below the knee). Mr P, being himself, as being stubborn about picking up his foot so I could pick it, and I asked her what she does in a situation like that. She says that she presses the tendon above the hoof and put some pressure against the shoulder, compared to what I do which is mostly just poke the shoulder of the horse until he/she lifts the desired foot.

Next she showed me the proper way to tack up an animal. This is where I personally have the hardest time, is knowing how to get the tack to be in the proper spot (with some more practice I'll be fine). I could tell that I was doing some things wrong for the longest time, I never lifted the saddle pad into the (excuse me for imporper terminology feel free to leave a comment to correct me) but under the pomel of the saddle, and also she said that it's nice to lift the saddle pad up into the crease behind the saddle, to help free the horses back. Then I put the bridle on, and she went over how many fingers to have the fittings (4 fingers under the throat latch, 1 finger at most under the nose band, and 1.5 to 2 fingers between the cheek bone and the bit).

After we tacked up we went to the inside arena, once inside S talked to me about basic ground handling and she brought to light some things I hadn't thought about, or recognized that I was doing.

S decided to ride Mr P around for a few moments just to see how he was going to act, he was off of work for about 2 weeks and there was another horse in the arena from the hospital being lunged. After Mr P had worked out his problems about the other horse being in there also, she let me hop on him.

It was a smooth ride to begin with, and S began by working on getting me balanced and riding correctly. She really did a great job explaining what I needed to do, and also WHY. This is one problem I have had with previous instructors is that they just told me "heels down, have your hands this way" and you all know the rest haha. But S explained why, and sometimes how to get into this form and it really clicked. Don't get me wrong I am FAR from being a good model for riding, but I will get there.

About 10 min into the lesson, another rider had opened the garage doors to bring in another horse, and Mr P freaked. He bucked a reared a few times, BUT I stayed on!! And after the fact I actually smiled and thought it was fun hahaha!! While Mr P was having his little melt down S asked me to direct him towards her so she could grab the reins and just help calm him from the ground, and I was able to direct him. Some things I think I did very well was, keeping my weight in the stirrups, scooting my butt more underneath me (I only loss contact with the saddle once), and I didn't wail on his face, and I also stayed calm. My adrenaline was going but my nerves were nothing compared to the first time that I was Learning to Land and I was able to keep going on with my lesson.

After the Mr P moment, the lesson was very nice and calm (for the most part) and I learned a lot! Granted, I didn't do anything but walk, but I feel like I learned so much more than I really ever have about my body and riding in frame as a rider.

So all-in-all I feel the lesson went VERY well and that S will be a great trainer for me. I'll post more on another day about my riding today, but I don't want you guys having to read a novel :-D

Thanks for reading!

January 20, 2012

Some good news

Well I made it thought my first week of school! I can tell my classes are going to be awesome, as long as my biochem professor remembers that he has to actually FACE THE CLASS and not the board when he is lecturing -le sigh-

Even though my week was good I'm really stressed out about somethings going on back in Maine (they are really personal so I don't want to explain them on here) you just need to know that it is making me super angry, and I hate being angry. I know it takes so much energy out of me.

On another good note I e mailed the trainer that I have a lesson with on Monday -note to self make sure to get moolah out of ATM next week- and she said that I could ride with her on Tuesday mornings. I don't feel real comfortable riding alone, more of the safety issue, and I don't think I am a good enough rider to handle all situations that might occur if I am riding alone. Plus I like that extra presence. This might change with some more experience under my belt.

Another quick note, that I'll write more about later, but I have a chance to do a 75-90 day intern at Sombrero Ranches this summer. It's a paid internship. The reason why I'm not 100% set on it yet is because it's not considered hours I could use as "vet hours" or clinical hours. Even though it would be an experience of a lifetime, it's hard to justify (even though there is pay, free room and board and meals) but with the cost of getting no further on my vet hours this summer.

Decisions decisions.

January 18, 2012

New Semester, More Riding.

Starting yesterday, the spring semester started.
This semester I am taking equine nutrition, intro to animal science (with a lab), biochemistry, companion animal nutrition, and precalc (online class)

I am great at math so I jumped at the oppertunity to take the class online, but the bummy part is that in order to be considered a full time student I needed to be taking 13 in class credits, thus I had to pick up companion animal nutrition. The professor teaching that class taught my animal nutrition class last semester and he is so funny. At the beginning of that class someone is allowed to bring in their pet. Too bad I don't have any alpacas to bring!

So far as much as I can tell I'm going to like all of my classes. Biochemistry is going to be a tough class in terms of time put into the class. Mostly because I didn't take organic chemistry (a per-requisite) but shh don't tell anyone! Many students said that if the registry let me register for the class I can take it. So we will see how it goes.

I am excited for my lab in the introduction to animal science because we are going to be raising baby chows, dehorning heifers, dealing with sheep, swine, and many other things. Any chance I get to be with animals is great.

Tuesday was also my first day of work back from vacation. I met with the new trainer at my barn. We had e mailed back and forth and she said that we should chat regarding lessons and me wanting to learn how to train horses. I met S before and I got the impression that she was snobby, but after talking to her she seemed more down to earth.

I think S is going to be a good riding instructor, because one of the first questions she asked me was what I wanted to learn. I told her that I wanted to learn to ride and feel like I was doing it correctly, and maybe one day learn to jump.

S is giving me the opportunity to stand with her when she gives lessons that way she can teach the rider and she can talk to me about what the horse is doing, and what the rider is doing. I also feel that actually watching another rider doing what I am attempting to do will help it sink in. My plan is to do 1 lesson a week, watch her give a lesson at least once a week, and ride on my own at least once a week.

I am really optimistic about this opportunity and I think I will learn a lot.  *crosses fingers*

January 16, 2012

More Working Opportunities

I am very excited! My boss at the barn just e-mailed the student workers with dates that we can work for some extra money, and some of the events look very interesting to be apart of!

Saturday January 21st – Duck herding in the arena 

February 18 – Draft Horse education day

February 25 – Pony Club retreat

March 1-4 – American Vaulting Association Clinic

April 7 – Pinto Horse Association Clinic 

There is one event about Fjords that I would like to work, but it's spring break and I'll hopefully be home.

I have also e mailed the new trainer at the barn and asked her if she wouldn't mind teaching me some more things about training horses, since I am always wanting to expand my knowledge. 

I am very excited about this semester and I cannot wait to get back into the flow of things. Tomorrow is my first day working since I left for break!

Even better news? Last semester I had to wake up at 6:10 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. NOW I get to wake up around 7 Monday-Friday! YAY! 

Thanks for reading :)

Edit: Sorry abut the annoying white box xD

January 14, 2012

Future Plans

Tomorrow I get to travel back to my home-away-from-home. My flight is a 6 AM so that means I get to wake up at 3:30 AM and travel to the airport with Mom and Mem.

Even though I didn't accomplish much school wise (I'm taking an online math class and have only gotten 1 assignment done, but I have 9 months to finish the class so no worry), I have been thinking alot about my future after vet school (hopefully).

I submitted my application for UMO (University of Maine) yesterday, and found out it wasn't due until February 25th, YAY for over achieving!

I also got a few ideas running in my head about what I want to do after vet school. Let me lay out what I really want my lifestyle to be:

1) Small house, nothing TOO big
2) Single life (I really don't want to get married or have kids, I like my freedom too much)
3) A German Shepard named Ziva (if it's a girl) or Gethro (if it's a boy), YES I am a NCIS freak. I am going to train the dog to be at my side all the time and travel with me when I work.

I really like the idea of donating my time to help out shelters: horses, dogs, cats, heck even reptiles!
My plan (bear with me it has lots of holes haha)

After vet school I would like to work for X amount of years and save money as I work. With my life style I should be able to save a TON of money. Once I get X amount of money (again this is where the holes come in) I want to travel across the United States to a shelter, or a few shelters/rescues in an area and in exchange for food and a place to stay, I will work for free to help out the animals, and use the money I saved up to use for medical supplies. Once I am out of money it will be back to work I go.

It's a great idea but realistic wise I'm not sure if it will work. Some people mentioned that I should just work part time at a animal shelter or rescue for free, which would totally work for me.

I love animals and I hate seeing people who also love animals not able to help the animals they want to because they can't afford the vet bills. Lets be honest it's not a cheap thing to do.

Feel free to post skepticism, opinions, etc. :)

Thanks for reading!

January 11, 2012

Wonderful Night with Family

I haven't had a night quite like this one in a LONG time!!!

This week was my "brother's" (sister's boyfriend's) birthday, and I decided to treat him to a nice supper, and while I was at it I treated the rest of the crew that went.

B-day boy, Cody

Keisha (sister), Cody's girlfriend

Tia (twin sister)

Austin (Tia's boyfriend)
So yes as you can tell I was the only single one in the group, the bonus to that is that I could "hit" on the waiter and not feel guilty! We went to a tavern and all got nice meals and the waiter was phenomenal!! I haven't laughed as much as I laughed tonight in a long time and we spent almost 3 hours joking about Austin and Cody and the waiter being gay, the waiter pretending to hit on me (he's engaged guys don't jump the gun HAHA) and just being obnoxious young adults.

I really came out of my shell tonight and went with the flow and I was very friendly with the waiter.

I can't explain how much fun I had but it was a nice get together with just family!!

Thanks for a great night guys and happy 21st birthday Cody!!!

January 3, 2012

Off to a good start and a good ending

Today I had a nice start to my "New year's resolution" of wanting to be more outgoing and spontaneous. My plan was to go hiking with a friend, or even just by myself 
This hike I looked up was about a 1.5 mile loop and I was really excited to go. I am familiar with the area and I've been to the lakes that you see. But my plans didn't work out, it was in the teens to 20s all day today, and usually that wouldn't stop me but the wind chill was ridiculous. I cannot STAND this cold weather with no snow!!! So instead I went with my Pep (grandfather) to go and pick up his new truck (pics will come tomorrow!) at the dealer. He traded his old 2002 GMC for a 2012 GMC Sierra, 1/2 ton, grey metallic. It is
b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!! Pep and I have an inside joke that I am his "chauffeur" because all during the summer if us two were going somewhere, I always drove. So we pulled out of the dealers parking lot (Pep driving), and got about a mile down the road and he pulled over. I asked what was up and he asked if I wanted to drive. I was SUPER ecstatic and jumped out like a little girl at Christmas and got in the drivers seat. The truck is awesome and I can't wait to own my own truck, after I buy my CJ first.

At some point during the day I got a call from my good friend Morgan and he was in town and I asked him if he wanted to hang out, and he agreed. I waited for Tia and Austin to get back and off we went to pick up Morgan, but instead of going my normal route I took a long detour that I never take, just to take it. Needless to say it threw Tia right off and she was so confused as to why I was taking the long way around haha. I picked up Morgan and then dropped Tia and Austin off so they could hang out, and then Morgan and I went to his Mom's house to pick up some of his stuff, his Mom's house was 50 miles away, but I didn't mind. So I filled up my car and off on a mini road trip we went.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my Aunty Bud and my cousins, and hopefully Thursday I will be able to go hiking if the weather permits.

Now for the good ending, I finally got all my final grades back from my classes this semester and... *drum roll*
(click to enlarge)
VIOLA! I was so excited (especially with my genetics grade) and I was super proud of myself. I am far from the smartest apple on the tree but I am very satisfied with these grades!

Stay warm!

January 2, 2012


My sister let me have her camera (which use to be my grandmother's) since she now has a camera on her new ipod. I can't wait to bring it back to school to show off some things but here are some pictures I have taken of my pets.

Sissy isn't very photogenic, but she's super pretty!

Louie on the other hand is so handsome!!

The sick kitty, Jasmine, is no longer sick!

Present Mom got me!

YES this is Bert the farting hippo from NCIS!

January and no SNOW?! :'(

Sissy was about to growl at me xD

New Years Resolutions?

Well congratulations everyone! You have made it to 2012, give yourself a pat on the back!

With the coming of the new year, also comes many "new years resolutions". I am not one for resolutions, just because I know how they work. You start off well for a few weeks, maybe a few months if you are lucky, and then you just stop working on them.

I have decided to do a few resolutions, and hopefully I can work on them for the whole year.

First one is one I have always had (and I'm sure everyone else has had), get into better shape. At school I walk at least 2 miles a day just for commuting and walking to classes. Now that my legs seem to be in better shape I want to work on my upper body.

Second is to forgive people, and also let go. There is a small list of people that I had really wanted to start talking to me again. I'm sure the people familiar with my blog can come up with that list. Well with the coming of a new year comes a new attitude. If they haven't contacted me by now, I'm moving on and no holding back because of them.

Third is to become a more out going person. I'm not shy by any means but I'm also not one to do many spontaneous things, I like my routines, but I also like the little changes to routines.

Fourth is to forgive the people I may have bad feelings towards. Holding grudges doesn't help anyone and once I can allow myself to forgive those people the better off I will be.

Fifth and lastly is to become more happy with the life I have. Please don't get me wrong, I love my life and what I am doing, but I sometimes read other people's blogs and I become jealous. I am so happy that these people's lives are going as good as they are going and I wouldn't want to trade places, but I need to become more content with my life. One day I will have all I wanted to have in my life.

Thanks for reading!