January 3, 2012

Off to a good start and a good ending

Today I had a nice start to my "New year's resolution" of wanting to be more outgoing and spontaneous. My plan was to go hiking with a friend, or even just by myself 
This hike I looked up was about a 1.5 mile loop and I was really excited to go. I am familiar with the area and I've been to the lakes that you see. But my plans didn't work out, it was in the teens to 20s all day today, and usually that wouldn't stop me but the wind chill was ridiculous. I cannot STAND this cold weather with no snow!!! So instead I went with my Pep (grandfather) to go and pick up his new truck (pics will come tomorrow!) at the dealer. He traded his old 2002 GMC for a 2012 GMC Sierra, 1/2 ton, grey metallic. It is
b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!! Pep and I have an inside joke that I am his "chauffeur" because all during the summer if us two were going somewhere, I always drove. So we pulled out of the dealers parking lot (Pep driving), and got about a mile down the road and he pulled over. I asked what was up and he asked if I wanted to drive. I was SUPER ecstatic and jumped out like a little girl at Christmas and got in the drivers seat. The truck is awesome and I can't wait to own my own truck, after I buy my CJ first.

At some point during the day I got a call from my good friend Morgan and he was in town and I asked him if he wanted to hang out, and he agreed. I waited for Tia and Austin to get back and off we went to pick up Morgan, but instead of going my normal route I took a long detour that I never take, just to take it. Needless to say it threw Tia right off and she was so confused as to why I was taking the long way around haha. I picked up Morgan and then dropped Tia and Austin off so they could hang out, and then Morgan and I went to his Mom's house to pick up some of his stuff, his Mom's house was 50 miles away, but I didn't mind. So I filled up my car and off on a mini road trip we went.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my Aunty Bud and my cousins, and hopefully Thursday I will be able to go hiking if the weather permits.

Now for the good ending, I finally got all my final grades back from my classes this semester and... *drum roll*
(click to enlarge)
VIOLA! I was so excited (especially with my genetics grade) and I was super proud of myself. I am far from the smartest apple on the tree but I am very satisfied with these grades!

Stay warm!

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