January 29, 2012

Animal Bug *Adorable*

Like some many people, I have not only been bitten by the horse bug, but by the animal bug (which is probably worse!) I love all animals and am amazed at their unconditional love and really expect nothing in return except food, and some love. It is no wonder why I want to be a vet.

In my last post I mentioned how I wanted to have a german sheperd for a dog when I am out of school. For some reason last night I found myself looking online at rescued German Shepards, and consiquently came across this so CUTE boy! *Caution* Prepare for major "awws" 

 Meet Lord Byron
Lord Byron's Page I just cannot get this puppy out of my mind!! I so wish I could be in a part in my life where I could afford and commit to a dog. I showed my Mom and she thought he was adorable too, but with us having 2 dogs and a cat already, another dog is out of the question. 

I also now want to be a foster parent for rescue dogs, but being a vet not sure how realistic that is but I have learned to know that with a passion for something, you can make things possible. 

Just thought I would share the adorableness! And if someone can invent something to make this puppy stay a puppy and be waiting for me after I graduate vet school (in 5 years) please contact me!!! :)

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