January 18, 2012

New Semester, More Riding.

Starting yesterday, the spring semester started.
This semester I am taking equine nutrition, intro to animal science (with a lab), biochemistry, companion animal nutrition, and precalc (online class)

I am great at math so I jumped at the oppertunity to take the class online, but the bummy part is that in order to be considered a full time student I needed to be taking 13 in class credits, thus I had to pick up companion animal nutrition. The professor teaching that class taught my animal nutrition class last semester and he is so funny. At the beginning of that class someone is allowed to bring in their pet. Too bad I don't have any alpacas to bring!

So far as much as I can tell I'm going to like all of my classes. Biochemistry is going to be a tough class in terms of time put into the class. Mostly because I didn't take organic chemistry (a per-requisite) but shh don't tell anyone! Many students said that if the registry let me register for the class I can take it. So we will see how it goes.

I am excited for my lab in the introduction to animal science because we are going to be raising baby chows, dehorning heifers, dealing with sheep, swine, and many other things. Any chance I get to be with animals is great.

Tuesday was also my first day of work back from vacation. I met with the new trainer at my barn. We had e mailed back and forth and she said that we should chat regarding lessons and me wanting to learn how to train horses. I met S before and I got the impression that she was snobby, but after talking to her she seemed more down to earth.

I think S is going to be a good riding instructor, because one of the first questions she asked me was what I wanted to learn. I told her that I wanted to learn to ride and feel like I was doing it correctly, and maybe one day learn to jump.

S is giving me the opportunity to stand with her when she gives lessons that way she can teach the rider and she can talk to me about what the horse is doing, and what the rider is doing. I also feel that actually watching another rider doing what I am attempting to do will help it sink in. My plan is to do 1 lesson a week, watch her give a lesson at least once a week, and ride on my own at least once a week.

I am really optimistic about this opportunity and I think I will learn a lot.  *crosses fingers*

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