January 16, 2012

More Working Opportunities

I am very excited! My boss at the barn just e-mailed the student workers with dates that we can work for some extra money, and some of the events look very interesting to be apart of!

Saturday January 21st – Duck herding in the arena 

February 18 – Draft Horse education day

February 25 – Pony Club retreat

March 1-4 – American Vaulting Association Clinic

April 7 – Pinto Horse Association Clinic 

There is one event about Fjords that I would like to work, but it's spring break and I'll hopefully be home.

I have also e mailed the new trainer at the barn and asked her if she wouldn't mind teaching me some more things about training horses, since I am always wanting to expand my knowledge. 

I am very excited about this semester and I cannot wait to get back into the flow of things. Tomorrow is my first day working since I left for break!

Even better news? Last semester I had to wake up at 6:10 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. NOW I get to wake up around 7 Monday-Friday! YAY! 

Thanks for reading :)

Edit: Sorry abut the annoying white box xD

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