January 27, 2012

The Lucky One

Have you ever read a book that impacted you way more than you thought a book could?
I'm not a huge reader by any means, I more have spurts of reading where it is all I want to do and other times I look at a book and shrug my shoulders and walk away. Even though I don't always have a book in hand, when I find one that I really like I try to read all I can.

Once in a while I will find a book that I really REALLY like and I find that it some how makes an impact on my life. The most recent book I read was "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks. I got the book on the flight to MN in the fall. I got really hooked into Nicholas Sparks when I saw The Notebook, then A Walk to Remember (easily my favorite movie), and then Dear John. I will be honest I didn't actually read any of his books until I bought Dear John, again on my flight to MN. In case you aren't familiar with The Lucky One, here is a summary from Kays Bookshelf

"Logan Thibault was a marine stationed in Iraq when, one day, he found the photo of a girl. He stuck it to the bulletin board so that it could be retrieved by the one who lost it. Since after a while no one has claimed it he took it back on a whim. He might have forgotten about having it on him too, but for the fact that he seemed to experience a sudden streak of luck. It showed not only in the small things, such as playing poker, but also in the important ones — in time he became famous for having survived the most bomb attacks. Logan’s friend Victor, a firm believer in such things, became convinced that it was all due to the photograph, that seemed to be acting like a good luck charm. Victor retained his conviction even after both he and Logan came home from the war, and encouraged his friend to look for the girl in the picture, in order to “establish the balance” (Victor believed Logan owed that girl something since it was her picture that kept him safe in war).
Which is exactly what Logan does: in a moment when life felt particularly bad, he called his dog and picked up his backpack, and started walking. From his home in Colorado to the first Hampton he could think of (the name Hampton was somewhere in the background of picture). Luckily for him this was the right Hampton too"

Yes it is a mushy love story, but it was a very good one, and actually it wasn't the whole "love" idea that influenced me. This book made me look at where I see myself in 5 years or so.

This is what I see: I have graduated vet school and I am either working at a clinic or running my own clinic. I have a dog (preferably a German Shepard; insipired by the book) named Gethro if it is a boy or Ziva if it is a girl (NCIS influence). The dog will go on the road with me and be trained to stay by my side and very obedient. I also live in a nice cozy log cabin (preferably on a lake) with a wood stove with a main bedroom and a guest bedroom with two bathrooms, a SUPER nice kitchen with enough cupboards that I have a few empty ones, two bathrooms, a garage, and a laundry room. Oh and the best part? I'm single!! Yes I said it for all of those people out there who are dying to find "the one" I see myself being single, with my dog, and loving it!!

Being on my own has made me realize how I love just being by myself. Sure I have my room mate but for the most part I get to keep myself company and I always think how having a dog would be the cherry on top.

Reading this book really influenced me, mostly because of the dog aspect (YES I read this amazing love story and I take away that I want an amazing German Shepard like in the book) Thiabult lived most of his life after the war with his dog who followed him around, and that was really only the company Thiabult needed until he finally found Beth. 

I loved the book overall though, it was very well written. A note of caution to anyone who might read it though, there is a part at the end where you are just going to want to throw the book down and burn it, but keep reading!! I got to this point and shut the book and was just so frustrated that I spent all that time reading and for that particular thing to happen just made me go mad, but I decided I needed to finish it, and I was wrong. You know what assuming does haha!

Well, that's just a little insight to what I hope my life looks like in the future.

Thanks for reading!

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