January 11, 2012

Wonderful Night with Family

I haven't had a night quite like this one in a LONG time!!!

This week was my "brother's" (sister's boyfriend's) birthday, and I decided to treat him to a nice supper, and while I was at it I treated the rest of the crew that went.

B-day boy, Cody

Keisha (sister), Cody's girlfriend

Tia (twin sister)

Austin (Tia's boyfriend)
So yes as you can tell I was the only single one in the group, the bonus to that is that I could "hit" on the waiter and not feel guilty! We went to a tavern and all got nice meals and the waiter was phenomenal!! I haven't laughed as much as I laughed tonight in a long time and we spent almost 3 hours joking about Austin and Cody and the waiter being gay, the waiter pretending to hit on me (he's engaged guys don't jump the gun HAHA) and just being obnoxious young adults.

I really came out of my shell tonight and went with the flow and I was very friendly with the waiter.

I can't explain how much fun I had but it was a nice get together with just family!!

Thanks for a great night guys and happy 21st birthday Cody!!!

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