January 14, 2012

Future Plans

Tomorrow I get to travel back to my home-away-from-home. My flight is a 6 AM so that means I get to wake up at 3:30 AM and travel to the airport with Mom and Mem.

Even though I didn't accomplish much school wise (I'm taking an online math class and have only gotten 1 assignment done, but I have 9 months to finish the class so no worry), I have been thinking alot about my future after vet school (hopefully).

I submitted my application for UMO (University of Maine) yesterday, and found out it wasn't due until February 25th, YAY for over achieving!

I also got a few ideas running in my head about what I want to do after vet school. Let me lay out what I really want my lifestyle to be:

1) Small house, nothing TOO big
2) Single life (I really don't want to get married or have kids, I like my freedom too much)
3) A German Shepard named Ziva (if it's a girl) or Gethro (if it's a boy), YES I am a NCIS freak. I am going to train the dog to be at my side all the time and travel with me when I work.

I really like the idea of donating my time to help out shelters: horses, dogs, cats, heck even reptiles!
My plan (bear with me it has lots of holes haha)

After vet school I would like to work for X amount of years and save money as I work. With my life style I should be able to save a TON of money. Once I get X amount of money (again this is where the holes come in) I want to travel across the United States to a shelter, or a few shelters/rescues in an area and in exchange for food and a place to stay, I will work for free to help out the animals, and use the money I saved up to use for medical supplies. Once I am out of money it will be back to work I go.

It's a great idea but realistic wise I'm not sure if it will work. Some people mentioned that I should just work part time at a animal shelter or rescue for free, which would totally work for me.

I love animals and I hate seeing people who also love animals not able to help the animals they want to because they can't afford the vet bills. Lets be honest it's not a cheap thing to do.

Feel free to post skepticism, opinions, etc. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. This also concludes my 100th post since I started this blog :)

  2. Why not work at a rescue/shelter full time and get PAID to do what you love? That would eliminate the need to work mundane jobs you don't like. There's good money in it, too.

    1. Hmm I wasn't sure if that was a huge possibility in Maine. Sure we have a few animal shelters, but nothing with large animals (which is what I would REALLY love to work with).