January 20, 2012

Some good news

Well I made it thought my first week of school! I can tell my classes are going to be awesome, as long as my biochem professor remembers that he has to actually FACE THE CLASS and not the board when he is lecturing -le sigh-

Even though my week was good I'm really stressed out about somethings going on back in Maine (they are really personal so I don't want to explain them on here) you just need to know that it is making me super angry, and I hate being angry. I know it takes so much energy out of me.

On another good note I e mailed the trainer that I have a lesson with on Monday -note to self make sure to get moolah out of ATM next week- and she said that I could ride with her on Tuesday mornings. I don't feel real comfortable riding alone, more of the safety issue, and I don't think I am a good enough rider to handle all situations that might occur if I am riding alone. Plus I like that extra presence. This might change with some more experience under my belt.

Another quick note, that I'll write more about later, but I have a chance to do a 75-90 day intern at Sombrero Ranches this summer. It's a paid internship. The reason why I'm not 100% set on it yet is because it's not considered hours I could use as "vet hours" or clinical hours. Even though it would be an experience of a lifetime, it's hard to justify (even though there is pay, free room and board and meals) but with the cost of getting no further on my vet hours this summer.

Decisions decisions.

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