September 17, 2011

Summer Catch-Up

Its almost fall, school has started, but WAIT! I barley posted at all this summer, WHAT GIVES?!

Well this summer was like no other summer I have had in my life. Did it involve horses? No unfortunetly not, but none the less it was one of the best summers I have ever had.

What made it so special?
1) I got a job 77 miles away from my home. I was home only 2-3 days out of the week and sometimes I was home every other week. I decided to take a job up at a campground in the mountains. My job was to give out quarters to kids at the rec-hall (aka arcade), keep the two playgrounds clean, and also make sure kids follow the rules. If I never say "NO BIKES ON THE RAMP!" or "I'm sorry Sir/Ma'am, but there are no dogs allowed on the playground" again I will die a happy lady. The job had it's ups and downs like any other job, but I met some fantastic people and made some even greater friends. To begin with my "boss" Jennifer became like my second mother (I have never called any one my second mother before, it is big shoes to fill). Her daughter Jordan, became like the little sister I never had (Tia, your my twin you count as a different kind of little sister) ;-)

During my last week at camp and working I became friends with a great group of people, and I have never played so many consecutive games of pool in my life (haha thanks Austin)!

My job was a fantastic job, and even though there were times where I thought I should have stayed home instead to prepare to leave for college, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Pictures of my summer:
My hammock, I spent many lunch breaks taking a nap in this hammock.

Oh did I mention I slept in a tent all summer?! YES! When I was at camp I only spent 1 week and 1 day actually sleeping in the camper.

The great group of friends I met during my last week!
Also I stayed with my Grandfather all summer (he owns a seasonal campsite at the campgrounds) and we do a moose/deer count every summer. When I left I was up to 16 moose and 3 deer...Pep was up to 40 something moose and only 5 deer.

It was a fantastic summer and it has been so different then any other summer I've had.

September 1, 2011

College and Spreading My Wings

Wow I can't believe it has been this long since I have written anything! There is so much that I want to type but I am sure that I am going to forget somethings.

First and most importantly, this country girl is now in a big city! I have moved half way across the country and a time zone away from my friends, family, town, and everything I have grown accustomed to. Instead of a home where I spent my nights with my Mom in the living room, I am living in a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment. I am currently enrolled in a animal science/pre vet degree program (is that really a big surprise? haha). But before I give the impression that I hate it here I have to say that I actually really like it here. Like it enough to see me living here? No way haha. I love Maine and will always love Maine and I want to live there. The apartment I am staying at is  beautiful, my room mate is awesome (she is a 4th year biology major and has a vehicle and lets me tag along on grocery trips and little errand runs). I really couldn't ask for a better room mate. School hasn't started yet, it starts next Wednesday (September 6th). I am taking genetics, horse management, introduction to animal science, issues in the environment, and a class about POULTRY! (Hey it was a 2 credit class and it seems like it would be fun!) It seems like a full load but I am very excited to start.

I can't say it has been easy adjusting to being here. I have to take two public buses to get to school, and not counting a school bus, I have never ridden a public bus before. Also around night time is when I start to miss home the most, because I know that is when I would usually be in the living room with at least my mom in the room with me. I know I will see them in December so that makes it much easier.

So before the horsey people who read my post start freaking out I DO have some horse news actually! I have applied and got a job at the equestrian center on campus! It seems like it will be a morning job (which I am totally gun-ho about) mucking stalls, grooming the horses, giving hay and grain, you know the basic stuff. But I will also be getting lessons! There is also a green horse at the barn who is super friendly that the center is in the process of getting her (her name is Desi) saddlebroke, and my boss said it's possible that I would be able to help with her training!

I figure when I am on campus and if I start feeling down I can just walk to the horses and I know I will start to feel better!

Well this is a quick snip of what is going on in my life :) I hope I start blogging more.