December 31, 2011

A Year In Review

I got this idea from my friend Erin

From what I can remember I will try to go month by month of major things that happened this year.

January: I started dating a guy that I was introduced to by my best friend. I was also on crutches since December 5th on my (counts...) 5th surgery. I believe it was in January where I was finally partial weight bearing on my foot, but rebroke it from jumping off my Pep's garage roof after I finished shoveling it off.

February: I had to say good bye to Max, an alpaca that was too young to die (only 8 years old or so). He was my best friend and I cried a lot over the upcoming of putting him down. Needless to say, I didn't have any more tears to cry when we finally put him down. I had the best group of friends around me to help keep me occupied that day. Around this time I was also contemplating taking on a student working position over the summer, which ultimately never worked out.

March: I was finally off of crutches and got back into riding. I also believe this is when my boyfriend broke up with me (it might have been in April)

April: In April Mom and I went to UMN to visit the campus.

May: I had to say goodbye to a relationship. I kind of saw it coming but it was hard none-the-less. But also this month I got accepted into UMN! It was a dream come true.

June: The start to an amazing summer! Well first in the beginning of the month I had my last surgery. I also started my new job where I  met some fantastic people!

July: My summer was still going awesome! I was hanging out with J, a guy I had one class in with in the fall and spring semesters. We always had a ton of fun just hanging out and doing absolutely nothing!

August: At the end of the month I had to say good bye to the people I met at camp and who I worked with. It was time to go to UMN! This was also the last time I saw J, long story, so it was bitter sweet leaving Maine but I was so excited to go to Minnesota!

September-December: I started classes at the U and I loved every minute of it! In November I decided that it was best to apply to the University in Maine. Many reasons behind this decision.

I'll admit, it's been a very interesting and boring year at the same time hahaha! I hope none of you have gotten too bored with my blog, hope more interesting things are to come!

Good News!

Jasmine is eating, and even playing! We started syringe feeding her, and the vet gave her some appetite enhancers, and after a few days of doing that, she is now eating on her own and playing with us. It is so awesome to have my kitty back to normal.

This is why I want to become a vet. To help and save animals that may seem like a loss case, I can't believe we were even considering putting her down. The vet's office was amazing and so caring to her! When I walked in to return some of the cat food we no longer needed everyone was asking about her.

My Mom came home and also gave me some more good news. She said that when she called the vets office to update them on Jasmine's condition they commented on how nice my sister and I was and that Mom did an awesome job raising us.

A nice end to the week and to the new year.

Happy New Years everyone!

December 28, 2011

Not again...

I can't believe I might have to say good bye to another loved less than a year. I have mentioned my dogs before, but I haven't mentioned my cat, Jasmine, often.

We got Jasmine when she was a kitten, at least 9 years ago. She's a black cat with her own "pet me when I want to be pet" attitude. And even though she is the family pet, she has always been called "my cat" or "Stasha's cat"

When I came home for vacation, I got home and received the news that Jasmine wasn't doing so well. She had gotten tongue ulcers and wasn't eating or drinking. Mom told me that she had been this way for a few days but didn't want to say anything to me because I had finals.

Over the past week or so she has been going to the vet almost every day to get hydrated. She also has her ups and downs.

I am happy to say that the ulcers are gone...but she still isn't eating, and we can't afford to keep bringing her to the vet. Also recently she has had some attitude changes and she seems to hide more and more. Mom brought it up to me tonight that we are going to have start thinking about putting her down. We are going back to the vet tomorrow, learn how to syringe feed her, and then see if we can entice her to eat by the weekend. I know it is normal for her to not want to eat, after an animal doesn't eat for so long, the urge to eat disappears and the urge to eat is hard to get back.

I LOVE my cat so much! I have vowed that after she dies (I said this before she got sick) that I would never get another cat after her. I just can't imagine having another cat after her.

I can't believe I even have to consider putting down another heart is broken.

December 18, 2011

A Song A Day: Day 7

Today's song...Just when I needed you the Most by Time McGraw.

This song does have a lot of meaning for me. It goes out to all those people who "left me just when I needed you most". Thanks for walking out on me, you made me a stronger woman and it made me realize that I can accomplish anything with just me, and my family of course.

People will always walk out on people, and most of the time it is just bad timing, but none the less it hurts.

Unfortunately you never forget those people, but it isn't always in bad light.

I promise tomorrow I more happy song :-D


December 17, 2011

A Song a day: Day 6

Back to country! Cowboy take me away by the Dixie Chicks.

Ask me what the perfect get away is, and this song explains it all!

Enjoy :)

December 16, 2011

A Song A Day: Day 5

A little turn away from country, this is "Open up your eyes" from Daughtry.
I'm not sure what this songs means to me, but for some reason it makes me smile and my heart break at the same time. I guess it helps me realize that no matter how bad my life may seem at times, it can always be worse. And that life can change so much...if you just open up your eyes. Enjoy!

December 15, 2011

New Slate

Recently I have had no time for riding, especially with finals. I feel like even if I did ride, I wouldn't be making much progress. I'll be the first one to admit, and not afraid to admit, that I don't think I am experienced enough to ride alone.

Now don't be jumping to conclusions. I AM a responsible rider, I know the basics, but I realize that I am not quite advanced enough to know what I'm doing wrong, when I'm doing it wrong. I know what my heels are up, can roughly tell if my position is correct, and if I have enough contact. But I don't know how to fix my riding problems.

Next semester I have a chance to get some riding lessons (depending on how expensive) from a girl at the barn that works there. I have only met her once but my boss says she is great, and I have seen her around horses, and I know she doesn't let them push her around.

What I am hoping from these lessons is to really just start from the basics (okay well maybe trotting basics) and work my way up. Kind of like having a new slate. I feel like I am rusty and I am hoping I can excel some. I am still allowed to ride the horses on my free time (I rode in front of my boss multiple times and she says I am a decent rider so I must not be all that bad?)

All in all I am excited! A girl I worked with this semester, S. and I are going to coordinate our schedules in hopes that we can ride together during lessons and just during our riding times. She is a very basic beginner so I know she might not be able to ride alone for a while, but she is an AWESOME girl and super nice.

We both kind of laugh at how most of the people that work at the horse barn are snotty girls. On Wednesday I asked S why couldn't all horse people be like us? Easy going and GROUNDED not our heads floating up in the sky...or up in our asses. I mean COME ON sure you might be better than me, actually you probably are, but I am still a human being and I am sure I am better than you in other aspects (personality wise to start with). Oh well S and I laugh at them together. I'm glad I found someone that I can really work with and actually enjoy working with!

A Song A Day: Day 4

This song is "No Reins" by Rascal Flatts. Overall I love Rascal Flatts, they are a great band. I love this song because it describes how live should be lived. Don't let anyone hold you back, and go big or go home.

December 14, 2011

A Song a day: Day 3

How do I like spending my summers?

Explains it all :-)

Of course minus the dress, I'm not a dressy person haha!


December 13, 2011

A Song A Day: Day 2

SheDaisy - Don't worry about a thing

This is how I approach life. I am very relaxed and it takes a lot to make me upset. I guess my reason is because I realize that you always (well..unless you die obviously) get a new day, a new start to start over and do something new.

December 12, 2011

8 Days and a New Idea

First off, EIGHT MORE DAYS UNTIL I GO HOME!!! I am super excited!

I'm going home on the 20th, planes takes off at 10:30 and if all goes well I'll be back in Maine at 7PM! I swear to God if there is any snow storms or delays I will start walking home. I miss my family insanely and I cannot wait to see my twin, my older sister, Mom, Mem, Pep, Uncle, Aunty, Jasmine (my cat), Louie (dog), Sissy (other dog), Lilly (my niece dog I have yet to meet), and the alpacas!

Just thought I would share my excitement *throws excitement at readers* EXCITEMENT!!!!

Okay I'm cool and collected now..I think. LOL!

So this week is finals week here at school. I am lucky enough to have only 1 true final (curse you genetics class!), and the rest are just tests that cover over the last section we cover in the course.
Tomorrow: American Sign Language final
Wednesday: Animal Nutrition and Issues in the Environment
Thursday: Horse Management
I plan on spending my three day weekend emersed in my genetics book.
Monday: Genetics final.
Tuesday: GO HOME!!!

Today I got this idea since I don't have a camera and haven't been riding much do to just being pure busy, that I would share some music videos that I love and believe I can relate to. Let's see how many days in a row I can post a music video.

*Beware* If you don't like country you are in a world full of torture.

Video #1 "Fight Like a Girl" By Bombshell

I love this song because I believe it explains me so nicely. I was kind of picked on as a kid in elementary school, and some days I let it get to me, and other days I fought like a girl (I punched a girl in the face and knocked our one of her teeth..2nd grade) Don'

Also I believe that I have been through so much in life and I have conquered it all. Maybe not with all the grace that I should have, but I lived through it. I've lived through death of loved ones (family and pets), heartbreak, disappointments, 6 surgeries. I feel like I can do anything and I'm prepared for so much.

I have always been set in my ways and I'll fight till my last dying breath for something or someone I believe in. It's just in my nature.

Enjoy :)

And since I am feeling generous I'm going to share a video I made yesterday for my family, kind of a "thank you gift". The song is Wait for Me by Theory of a Deadman.

YES this country girl listens to ROCK!!!

Thanks for reading!

December 11, 2011

I've got the fever...

No not a literal fever

No not the horse fever (just a mild one)

The camping fever!

I usually love winter and the cold (as long as there is snow) but I am now always having the urge to go camping. I blame it on sleeping in a tent all summer. I cannot wait for camping season, even though I doubt I'll be able to do it as much but next summer I'm doing everything I did this summer, 10 fold!

December 7, 2011

13 Days!

13 days until I go home. I cannot express how excited I am!!

Next week is finals week and I'm going to be very busy, actually I take that back, I already am hahaha!

I haven't been riding much nor have I been working with Desi a lot this week, and it has shown. Desi has been acting as if she has never been haltered before. Running away from me when I go to catch her, refuse to stand still for grooming, and just being obnoxious. I would like to blame it just on the cold but I it is partially my fault too for not working with her as often, but next semester that is going to change and hopefully I will be able to ride more also.

Over the past week or so I have realized that some of my dreams may not come true:

 I probably won't become the amazing horse person I once dreamed about. I never dreamed of going to the olympics but I dreamed of jumping and possibly some eventing or hunter shows (okay that's really dreaming I know) but I just realize that probably isn't going to happen, at least not at this point in my life. Interestingly, I am okay with that at this point. I am so busy with school and I feel like that does come first.

Dream 2, my blog won't get as popular as I once hoped it would. But you know what? That is okay too!! At first when I started this blog, I will admit it was for popularity, but now I realize that I just like being able to tell my story, in my own way, and just have it to read back upon later down the road.

Moral of the story? I'm content with my life. I'm okay if my dreams don't come true right away, one day they might, but as of right now, I'm one content girl :)

Thanks for reading!

December 3, 2011

Vote for Denali

For all my readers out there, I would like you to do me a very quick favor!

Vote for Denali

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It is for a friend of mine, I read her blog all the time!

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