December 31, 2011

A Year In Review

I got this idea from my friend Erin

From what I can remember I will try to go month by month of major things that happened this year.

January: I started dating a guy that I was introduced to by my best friend. I was also on crutches since December 5th on my (counts...) 5th surgery. I believe it was in January where I was finally partial weight bearing on my foot, but rebroke it from jumping off my Pep's garage roof after I finished shoveling it off.

February: I had to say good bye to Max, an alpaca that was too young to die (only 8 years old or so). He was my best friend and I cried a lot over the upcoming of putting him down. Needless to say, I didn't have any more tears to cry when we finally put him down. I had the best group of friends around me to help keep me occupied that day. Around this time I was also contemplating taking on a student working position over the summer, which ultimately never worked out.

March: I was finally off of crutches and got back into riding. I also believe this is when my boyfriend broke up with me (it might have been in April)

April: In April Mom and I went to UMN to visit the campus.

May: I had to say goodbye to a relationship. I kind of saw it coming but it was hard none-the-less. But also this month I got accepted into UMN! It was a dream come true.

June: The start to an amazing summer! Well first in the beginning of the month I had my last surgery. I also started my new job where I  met some fantastic people!

July: My summer was still going awesome! I was hanging out with J, a guy I had one class in with in the fall and spring semesters. We always had a ton of fun just hanging out and doing absolutely nothing!

August: At the end of the month I had to say good bye to the people I met at camp and who I worked with. It was time to go to UMN! This was also the last time I saw J, long story, so it was bitter sweet leaving Maine but I was so excited to go to Minnesota!

September-December: I started classes at the U and I loved every minute of it! In November I decided that it was best to apply to the University in Maine. Many reasons behind this decision.

I'll admit, it's been a very interesting and boring year at the same time hahaha! I hope none of you have gotten too bored with my blog, hope more interesting things are to come!

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