December 15, 2011

New Slate

Recently I have had no time for riding, especially with finals. I feel like even if I did ride, I wouldn't be making much progress. I'll be the first one to admit, and not afraid to admit, that I don't think I am experienced enough to ride alone.

Now don't be jumping to conclusions. I AM a responsible rider, I know the basics, but I realize that I am not quite advanced enough to know what I'm doing wrong, when I'm doing it wrong. I know what my heels are up, can roughly tell if my position is correct, and if I have enough contact. But I don't know how to fix my riding problems.

Next semester I have a chance to get some riding lessons (depending on how expensive) from a girl at the barn that works there. I have only met her once but my boss says she is great, and I have seen her around horses, and I know she doesn't let them push her around.

What I am hoping from these lessons is to really just start from the basics (okay well maybe trotting basics) and work my way up. Kind of like having a new slate. I feel like I am rusty and I am hoping I can excel some. I am still allowed to ride the horses on my free time (I rode in front of my boss multiple times and she says I am a decent rider so I must not be all that bad?)

All in all I am excited! A girl I worked with this semester, S. and I are going to coordinate our schedules in hopes that we can ride together during lessons and just during our riding times. She is a very basic beginner so I know she might not be able to ride alone for a while, but she is an AWESOME girl and super nice.

We both kind of laugh at how most of the people that work at the horse barn are snotty girls. On Wednesday I asked S why couldn't all horse people be like us? Easy going and GROUNDED not our heads floating up in the sky...or up in our asses. I mean COME ON sure you might be better than me, actually you probably are, but I am still a human being and I am sure I am better than you in other aspects (personality wise to start with). Oh well S and I laugh at them together. I'm glad I found someone that I can really work with and actually enjoy working with!

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