December 7, 2011

13 Days!

13 days until I go home. I cannot express how excited I am!!

Next week is finals week and I'm going to be very busy, actually I take that back, I already am hahaha!

I haven't been riding much nor have I been working with Desi a lot this week, and it has shown. Desi has been acting as if she has never been haltered before. Running away from me when I go to catch her, refuse to stand still for grooming, and just being obnoxious. I would like to blame it just on the cold but I it is partially my fault too for not working with her as often, but next semester that is going to change and hopefully I will be able to ride more also.

Over the past week or so I have realized that some of my dreams may not come true:

 I probably won't become the amazing horse person I once dreamed about. I never dreamed of going to the olympics but I dreamed of jumping and possibly some eventing or hunter shows (okay that's really dreaming I know) but I just realize that probably isn't going to happen, at least not at this point in my life. Interestingly, I am okay with that at this point. I am so busy with school and I feel like that does come first.

Dream 2, my blog won't get as popular as I once hoped it would. But you know what? That is okay too!! At first when I started this blog, I will admit it was for popularity, but now I realize that I just like being able to tell my story, in my own way, and just have it to read back upon later down the road.

Moral of the story? I'm content with my life. I'm okay if my dreams don't come true right away, one day they might, but as of right now, I'm one content girl :)

Thanks for reading!

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