December 28, 2011

Not again...

I can't believe I might have to say good bye to another loved less than a year. I have mentioned my dogs before, but I haven't mentioned my cat, Jasmine, often.

We got Jasmine when she was a kitten, at least 9 years ago. She's a black cat with her own "pet me when I want to be pet" attitude. And even though she is the family pet, she has always been called "my cat" or "Stasha's cat"

When I came home for vacation, I got home and received the news that Jasmine wasn't doing so well. She had gotten tongue ulcers and wasn't eating or drinking. Mom told me that she had been this way for a few days but didn't want to say anything to me because I had finals.

Over the past week or so she has been going to the vet almost every day to get hydrated. She also has her ups and downs.

I am happy to say that the ulcers are gone...but she still isn't eating, and we can't afford to keep bringing her to the vet. Also recently she has had some attitude changes and she seems to hide more and more. Mom brought it up to me tonight that we are going to have start thinking about putting her down. We are going back to the vet tomorrow, learn how to syringe feed her, and then see if we can entice her to eat by the weekend. I know it is normal for her to not want to eat, after an animal doesn't eat for so long, the urge to eat disappears and the urge to eat is hard to get back.

I LOVE my cat so much! I have vowed that after she dies (I said this before she got sick) that I would never get another cat after her. I just can't imagine having another cat after her.

I can't believe I even have to consider putting down another heart is broken.

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  1. I hope this isn't the end of the line for her. 9 isn't very old and it sounds like she is very loved.