December 31, 2011

Good News!

Jasmine is eating, and even playing! We started syringe feeding her, and the vet gave her some appetite enhancers, and after a few days of doing that, she is now eating on her own and playing with us. It is so awesome to have my kitty back to normal.

This is why I want to become a vet. To help and save animals that may seem like a loss case, I can't believe we were even considering putting her down. The vet's office was amazing and so caring to her! When I walked in to return some of the cat food we no longer needed everyone was asking about her.

My Mom came home and also gave me some more good news. She said that when she called the vets office to update them on Jasmine's condition they commented on how nice my sister and I was and that Mom did an awesome job raising us.

A nice end to the week and to the new year.

Happy New Years everyone!

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