December 12, 2011

8 Days and a New Idea

First off, EIGHT MORE DAYS UNTIL I GO HOME!!! I am super excited!

I'm going home on the 20th, planes takes off at 10:30 and if all goes well I'll be back in Maine at 7PM! I swear to God if there is any snow storms or delays I will start walking home. I miss my family insanely and I cannot wait to see my twin, my older sister, Mom, Mem, Pep, Uncle, Aunty, Jasmine (my cat), Louie (dog), Sissy (other dog), Lilly (my niece dog I have yet to meet), and the alpacas!

Just thought I would share my excitement *throws excitement at readers* EXCITEMENT!!!!

Okay I'm cool and collected now..I think. LOL!

So this week is finals week here at school. I am lucky enough to have only 1 true final (curse you genetics class!), and the rest are just tests that cover over the last section we cover in the course.
Tomorrow: American Sign Language final
Wednesday: Animal Nutrition and Issues in the Environment
Thursday: Horse Management
I plan on spending my three day weekend emersed in my genetics book.
Monday: Genetics final.
Tuesday: GO HOME!!!

Today I got this idea since I don't have a camera and haven't been riding much do to just being pure busy, that I would share some music videos that I love and believe I can relate to. Let's see how many days in a row I can post a music video.

*Beware* If you don't like country you are in a world full of torture.

Video #1 "Fight Like a Girl" By Bombshell

I love this song because I believe it explains me so nicely. I was kind of picked on as a kid in elementary school, and some days I let it get to me, and other days I fought like a girl (I punched a girl in the face and knocked our one of her teeth..2nd grade) Don'

Also I believe that I have been through so much in life and I have conquered it all. Maybe not with all the grace that I should have, but I lived through it. I've lived through death of loved ones (family and pets), heartbreak, disappointments, 6 surgeries. I feel like I can do anything and I'm prepared for so much.

I have always been set in my ways and I'll fight till my last dying breath for something or someone I believe in. It's just in my nature.

Enjoy :)

And since I am feeling generous I'm going to share a video I made yesterday for my family, kind of a "thank you gift". The song is Wait for Me by Theory of a Deadman.

YES this country girl listens to ROCK!!!

Thanks for reading!

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