February 6, 2011

The Simple Life

I have made a new years resolution that I think I can actually accomplish, sure it's February but better late then never. My New Years resolution is to try and live a simple life. In the past I have tried to push myself and do as much as I possibly can and the most difficult tasks in order for me to feel accomplished, well I want to change that and also enjoy the little things in life. My surgery has really helped this idea along.

So far my simple life plan has been as follows:
Sledding in a grave yard with my best friend
Saw a great view from the said grave yard
Shovel my Grandfathers roof with my twin and sit and enjoy the view
Lay in a snowbank at night during a snow storm
Shovel off my Grandfather's camper roof, after said snow storm, and then enjoy the view and drink my coffee and listen to the birds.

After my last simple "adventure" I was climbing down the ladder to get to the snow bank below me, and I was three or four rungs off from the ground and I looked at my mom, then looked at the snowbank, then back at my mom, and let go of the ladder, spread my arms, and fell on my back into the snow bank and just laid there.

My foot seems to be taking a turn for the worse, I can't seem to do any activities without barley being able to get my foot out of my boot in the end, thus why I have decided I need to start doing simple things and just taking time to enjoy life and the view from my backyard.

Thanks for reading :)

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