January 17, 2011

Little snow isn't going to stop me.

Tomorrow, oh tomorrow oh I wish you would get here faster. At 3 tomorrow I am going to the doctor's to see if I can finally start walking. I am 99.99% sure that she will say I can start weight bearing. There is one problem, we are suppose to get snow, sleet, and freezing rain, and it is suppose to start at 11, so there is a chance I won't even get to my appointment. But have no fear! I plan on calling the office if I cannot make it to the appointment and just asking Dr K if I can start partial weight bearing. I was there last Tuesday, so you would think that she would be able to tell but it probably isn't that easy.

This weekend should be a blast! Hopefully on Sunday we are going to have a sliding party at my Aunts and I hope to invite some friends along. We had a sliding party last year and it was a blast.

Friday, I am traveling to the great state of New Jersey (yes Dom and Erin thinking of you guys haha!), well my Aunt is driving and I am tagging along. The plan is to drop off a handful of girls that came to the farm to get bred, and bring some more girls back to breed also. I love trips like this especially when it is all girls.

Let's get this week a rolling!

Thanks for reading.

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