December 30, 2010

Going to be riding in no time...

Ha! What a big lie! So yesterday I went to my foot appointment with Dr. K. All the way down I was doing my singing of "Partial weight bearing OHHH YEAH!", it was pretty hilarious and I was super excited.

I got to the office and went in and talked with S, the secretary. She is so awesome and always bubbly and I always enjoy talking to her. It wasn't long before I was in the waiting room.

Dr. K took off my dressings and I was so suprised! NO SWELLING, like at all. The incesion was a blackish color but I'm sure thats just dried up blood. Dr. K got talking and she wanted to take the screw out 6 months from now, and this is the only time I ever said "No" to Dr. K. I told her that it would have to be the summer after because I have big plans this summer, like working at a rescue, and I can't do it on cructhes and that I sacrificed my winter for this surgery, I'm not sacrificing my summer also. Dr K looked at me and was kind of shaken, I have NEVER been that, I won't say nasty because I wasn't, but for lack of a better word, nasty to her. She said that I would be up in no time and only be on crutches for a day or so. This I was more okay with.

Next she took an x-ray of my foot, this is where I would tell if I would be partial weight bearing. The x-ray was developed and she got talking and said I could now get my foot wet, which I was happy about, and thought that meant I could be walking that day...but then she said "I'll see you in 2-3 weeks, but stay no weight bearing until then" I went silent and my mom looked at me, knowing that wasn't the answer I wanted to hear. The whole point of having my surgery during the winter was so that I wouldn't have to be on crutches during school, I HATE IT, but my next appointment is the Friday after school starts, which makes this whole surgery seem like a waste of time, which it wasn't but it feels that way.

The whole hour and a half drive home I was silent and just staring out the window on the brink of tears. I finished my "The Power to Win" book, which made my mood even more depressing. It's going to be so long until I can be riding again.

Stupid feet.

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