December 20, 2010

Blast From the Past

Today was a very enjoyable day. My Grandparents had to go down to Rockland (which is by the coast) to attend a 1 hour seminar about, well not sure exactly what they are called but "time shares" comes close to what it was about. We went to Rockland and met with this very annoying guy but I guess all sales men have to be.

But it wasn't that part that made my day super enjoyable...

After that we went to go see my Grandmother's sister, who I call Aunt Dot. My Grandmother has 11 brothers and sisters and I have heard many stories and in fact did a whole biography on my Grandmother's life for a history class and I have often found myself wishing I grew up being one of my Grandmother's sisters. I believe that time era was a great time to live, even though people were poor and you had to work for every cent you made, but that is the part that I enjoy so much.

After what seemed FOREVER with the sales man we finally got to Aunt Dot's house and my Aunt Shannon was there. Aunt Shannon is my Grandmother's niece. We all sat down and started talking and the main topic was stories of the past and how my Grandmother and her family was like when she was growing up, its always very interesting to listen to this.

Next we went to Aunt Madaline's house, another sister of my Grandmother's. Aunt Madaline is the oldest child of them all. We visited her and, again, talked about the past.

I must be crazy wishing I grew up with my Grandmother but it's true! This blast from the past today was very refreshing from my normal routine.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch Maggie riding so I will be able to see Ranger again!

Thanks for reading.

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