December 1, 2010

Nose to the Grind

So my family has always told me that when I start college I am going to have my nose to the grind a LOT if I wanted to get into pharmacy school. Well now I want to go to vet school but I am sure it still applies. And let me tell you my nose has been to the grind for the past week and my head is starting to feel the strain.

My surgery countdown is 9 days away and right now it doesn't feel real. I think about it and thing "egh" what ever. I'm sure when the count down is 2 or 3 days away it will sink in.

I haven't been riding nearly as much as I want to this past week and I have to reschedule my lesson that I have this Saturday for an earlier date, which is good in a way!

Today my goal was to type and finish my 10 page final for psychology. Well it looks like I'm going to do the other option of doing 3 essays five pages each instead of 5 essays at 2 pages each, what is wrong with me?! But my psychology term paper is pretty much one of the questions for my final, so I figure I can just copy and paste a few sections from that and call it good, and I started working on question 2 and found that I could easily type five pages for that so I figured why not just do one more.

So if I can past that final in I will feel some stress relief. I talked to my Chemistry teacher and asked him if I could take the final Thursday (day before my surgery) while they review for the final, because if not I'm going to have to take it after my lab at 5 and I would really prefer not to be in school until 7PM. I thought he was a good deal but he didn't like the idea for some reason, so I'm hoping he is going to give me what he thinks the plan should be tomorrow.

I also found out that on top of my biology final I also have a biology LAB final! *head desk* I mean REALLY when am I going to have time to take THAT?

So since I was tired of typing my final for psychology I decided to blog! So productive huh?

So I failed epically at the 30 day challenge and I failed at meeting the 50K word challenge too, oh well I gave it a super good shot! Maybe next year when my life is more interesting ^.^

On a horsey business side! I got TWO replies from possible worker student positions. YAY!
One person from NH told me that they do not have any housing available, so I am considering to count that one out, but I asked her if there was any way to arrange housing near by, I doubt it but worth a shot.

The second reply was from a farm in Mass. asking for me to contact them in May because it is too early for them to commit to a summer working student at this point in time.

None of these replies were "yes" but I was still ecstatic either way and that I actually got replies.

Back to typing my final I guess.

Thanks for reading!

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