November 28, 2010

Murphey's Law

"What can go wrong WILL go wrong"

This has been my life today, well for the night anyways!

Lets start with that my surgery date is doomingly getting closer and closer, it is now 12 days away, arg!

So before my surgery I have a 'to do' list which consists of:

1. Go riding as OFTEN as I can
2. Finish my 12 page psychology paper that should be due on December 15th, but since my surgery is December 10th, I have to pass it in on December 9th.
3. Study, a LITTLE, for my Biology and Chemistry finals. As far as I know my Biology final is optional (YAY!) and would be online and open notes if I decided to take it, and my Chemistry final I must take, but it is also open notes. Oh and guess what? I have to do those both on December 9th also!! My Chemistry final will be the funny one because that Thursday not only do I have a class, but a lab after that ends at 5PM! I am going to ask my professor if I can, instead of sitting in on the review, take the final.
4. Finish my Psychology final. YES I have a 12 page term paper AND a 10 page final for the same class! The final is just take home though and I just pretty much just type what the book says and cite the source. Easy as pie.
5. Finish my final speech for communications class (on horse back riding during the winter, YAY!)

I wish that list could be in the priority order, but its not :( 2-5 are my first priorities and number 1 comes in pretty much dead last.

SO back to why I named this Murphey's Law. Well that 12 page psychology paper that I just mentioned, well I finally got my crap in order and started typing it. I got into two sentances and decided I needed to turn my desk lamp on, but I had to plug it in into the power strip I have. I went to go plug it in and as I did that my computer screen shut off!! I tried turning it back on and no luck. I unplugged the power strip, plugged it back in, still nada. Unplugged my screen from both ends and replugged them in and into different power sockets, STILL no screen action. I mean REALLY? Just when I get motivated to do this paper my screen decides to DIE for no reason at all. I called my computer tech guy who is a friend of the family and said he should get me a new screen in the next day or so. Until then I'm stuck using my Mom's computer, which she doesn't mind at all.

So after I got on my Mom's computer I pretty much was in no mood to do my psych paper so I decided to start typing my speech to send to my group partner so he can start to put the group power point together. I went to go find the speech that I had already written out and can't find it! I flipped my room over, twice, looked in my car three times and no luck. I'll probably find it in the next day or so now that I typed it from memory and sent it to my group partner.

SO what have I accomplished? Well the speech is all typed and sent off and now I guess I am just going to hand write my psychology paper for now since facebook, my blog, and everything else seems to be distracting me from it. :sigh: Got to love life!

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