November 9, 2010

Drill Team/Life

Drill Team
So today Tia and I had a lesson, with another one of my friends S. S. rode Nannie, I rode Ranger (no surprise there), and Tia rode Oreo. At first I thought it was just another normal lesson where I would be able to canter a little bit, but that's not what happened. Today my instructor M. wanted to teach us some drill team maneuvers! I was super excited, given my young marine background I knew all how nice team work and synchronization could work together to make a very nice performance! But let me tell you something, it is not as easy as it seems and it made me realize how much I need to practice on corners, keeping a rhythmic gait, and my transitions. So in other words? I have to work on everything! But I don't mind.

So we did a leap frog exercise, where the last horse in the line would have to pick up her gait at the walk to pass the two horses in front, while keeping 8 feet distance between her and the horse to her side.

Next we practiced, I believe it was side to breast? Please excuse lack of specific and correct terminology! But this is when horses line up side by side and the riders line up the horses by where the pommels are on all of the saddles Again, you had to line up with eight feet in between each horse.

Next we (I forgot the name of this so bear with me as I try to explain) would go up the center of the arena (for the dressage savvey people out there! We traveled from the A to C) in a single file line. The first person would make a 90 degree turn to the left, the next horse would make a 90 degree turn to the right and both would ride to the wall, and make a respective turn and ride up the long sides of the arena by the wall, meet back up at the corners, make their corners again and meet again nose to nose at A, then travel down C in a pair. This was very nice when we got this down! It was no where near perfect and we didn't stay in a straight line but it was fun!

Next we learned how to make an X, which is much harder to explain but the jist of it is that two horses cross the center of the arena one from either side coming in as a V and one crosses first then the next crosses, making an X. This was VERY COOL when we got it right!

We also learned how to do flanks! My Young Marine experience came in very handy here! M. was calling it a "90 degree flank" but I informed her that a flank WAS and was ONLY a 90 degree turn. It was funny.

Overall it was a fun experience and I hope this drill team works out.

Even though this lesson was super fun, I was really expecting to do some canter work today. My goal is to be cantering quiet consistently before my surgery, because I know after my surgery it will be like starting back at square one. Trust me, I've had to do it last year it wasn't fun feeling like a beginner all over again.

Tomorrow is the big Young Marine meeting and I'm so glad that I will be able to voice my opinion about this matter and try to set it straight.

I had a big psychology report due before December 9th (the class doesn't end until December 14th but then again I can't reschedule my operation and my professor doesn't mind as long as I pass in my final). I was going to do service learning, where I had to do twenty hours of community service then write two response papers. Well I was going to do it on the Young Marines, but since this whole thing is going on I guess I'm just going to do a term paper instead.

Also, my dream of becoming a vet is becoming very difficult <.< I don't know why it is but it is. Maybe I'm just making it more difficult than it needs to be. WHO KNOWS!?

But for the most part I really have a nice life, no matter how many crappy posts I make =D


  1. There's something I've never tried! Sounds like a blast.

  2. sounds like fun, i dont canter much i fall off lol/ have fun riding