November 7, 2010

Anger, adventure, life.

So I am so behind behind in my word count! I should be doing at least 1,666 words A DAY! So I guess I can torture the little readers I do have into hearing about my life recently!

Lets start with anger.

Since 2002 I have (well had I am no longer apart of) been apart of a program called the Young Marines. The Young Marines is an orgainzation similar to the Boys and Girls scouts. Except the YM (young marines) teach kids 8-18 years old about the military, respect, family, commitment, and staying off drugs, and really so much more. I joined this program and excelled and ended up becoming "top dog" which means I was the highest rank (besides the Commander and Executive Officer of course) and I loved it! I not only loved being in charge, but I loved the challenge and the fact that many people looked up to me as a leader.

So I was honorably discharged along with my twin back in September because we were 18 years old and graduated from high school back in June.

Now recently I have learned that my Commading Officer who I had looked up to for eight years and had been commandering officer of FOURTEEN years was no longer the Commanding Officer, and he did not leave on his own accord. There is way to much heresay to get into details and it boils me every time I get into depth. So to sum it up there are three power hungry people that decided they want to back stab the Commanding Officer so Commander was "relieved of his duties" until this is sorted out. I was raging! How could this amazing guy after putting fourteen years into a program be relieved of his duties when everything is misconstrued and no one knows the truth! What gets me even more is that one of those people that stabbed him in back was elected UNOFFICIALLY the new Commanding Officer. Well lets just say, I may not be in the program anymore but I am NOT going to have that! I am going to a meeting on Wednesday and stating my opinion and going to demand an official election.

So now on to the adventure before I get too wound up!

Today my mom got four big dump truck loads full of sand delivered to our house because she is going to build a garage in a few years! These piles are huge and we have to level them all out.
Well I was goign to upload picture but apparently blogger hates me tonight!
So we were leveling the dirt and my little cocker spaniel X dashound mix Louie decided that he thought the dirt was like snow and that I was tossing the dirt with a shovel for him to chase. There was one time I hit the poor guy with a spade, but did it teach him anything? No haha! So that was a complete riot and now he is laying on my bed sound asleep and SO CUTE!!! (picture of him sleeping later also!)

Now for the life section.

I LOVE snow, winter, and the cold. I love everything about it and I love to snow board. But I guess yet again this winter I won't be able to enjoy it. I'm having surgery on my foot on December 10th. There is a blurp of whats wrong in my post below on day one in my fifteen interesting facts about myself. I'm glad to get this problem fixed but I hate being on crutches, espically during my favorite season. So please excuse me if you get depressing updates and lots of complaining. The best part?? Two days after my surgery (surgery is on a Friday, so Sunday) we have our huge family Christmas party! Do you know what I generally do on the third day after surgery? SLEEP! So I guess as long as I can have a bed to retreat to through out the day I will be fine, but not looking forward to explaining what happened to me like thirty times. I should just make a paper and make a ton of copies and just hand them out as people arrive!

Sounds like a plan!

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  1. It would be hilarious if you printed out the paper and passed it around! Hahaha.

    As for the YM thing... people suck. Always have, always will. I hope your role model gets reinstated.