November 14, 2010

Update on Max

Yes, I realize I just posted a lot on Max last night but I feel like I should keep everyone updated.

Today I went to go see Max and he did look worse. When he gets up from lying down he doesn't stand on his right back foot at all, and when he has to itch his left leg, he can barley do it. If an alpaca has an itch on its left back leg, he or she will itch it with their right back leg. I wanted to bad to itch it for him but I knew he would walk off as soon as I tried to touch him. Even though I do have, well what I think is, a great bond with Max, alpacas don't like to be petted and like their space.

I did sit down with Max for a few minutes today while he was munching on his hay and I just looked at him and fed him what I call the "good stuff", its actually the hay chaff that settles on the bottom of the hay feeders. Max just LOVES the hay chaff.

My Grandmother is even more convinced that it's not arthritis and so isn't every one else. I won't be able to see Max before the 18th, but I made my Aunt promise not to put him down unless I can be there. I have school off on the 19th, so if they decide to put him down then they could do it the next day.

There is one song I have been listening to since last night. It is:

How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye

My Mom and Grandmother have helped me so much with the preparation, if you can call it that, of the possibility of Max being put down.

Four more days, four more days of Max suffering, I hope this isn't prolonged.

I love you Maxy Max.

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