November 9, 2010

Day 7-Favorite movies

Well this could either be a very super long list or a super short list.

My favorite mostly modern movie has to be "A Walk to Remember", believe it or not it DOES NOT have horses in it! A Walk To Remember is about this guy who gets in trouble with the law who falls in love with this Christian girl, who has leukemia and is ultimately going to die from her disease. It is remarkable how much this girl influences this boy, and even after her telling him not to fall in love with her, he does anyways! Her dad is really against this because he knows that one day he will loose his little girl.

My favorite older movie is Dirty Dancing. The first time I saw that movie is when I was camping up north with my grandfather. He has a camper up there, but he has a TV that has like three channels that come in on a good day but he had a ton of taped movies. It was pouring out one day and we found that movie and put it in. Lets just say I was just old enough to realize how GORGEOUS Patrick Swazye was and as a consequence I watched that  movie at least a hundred times that summer! And that is no way an exaggeration. So as I grew up the Dirty Dancing movie was kind of a camp ritual and was watched every night when we would go up.

Since this IS a horse blog I should mention my favorite horse movie, which would have to be Flicka. I know not very original but that movie had my perfect life in mind. I do not regret my life, and I wouldn't change anything for the world. But, when I look at that movie everything in there is how I wish I could of had it. Horses, a big ranch, wide open spaces, a father who really cared. It just seemed like a great and perfect life, but then again thats what movies are all about xD

Gah another short blog! Going to have to make a enormous blog or two to make up for this!

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