November 7, 2010

Day 5 - Your Sibling(s)

Oh what a topic!! Well I have two sisters. One is my older sister who is a year older than me then I have my twin.

My older sister and I never got along, at all. We were complete enemies growing up and I will admit I started lots of it. I was a super cruel kid and loved picking on her any chance I got. Weather I got pleasure out of seeing her cry, I’m not sure.  As we got older we went from virbal to physical. Well, I had no chance of standing up to my sister who was taller and out-weighed me. So when she came charging I took advantage to my cross-country athletics and RAN! I am glad I ran away and was never ashamed of it. I knew I couldn’t win against her and I wasn’t the one for physical violence.

My twin? Oh oh what a relationship there! Tia and I were and are best friends! No, we can’t read each others minds but we can finish each others sentences and have the same idea at the same time. Sure, Tia and I fought, but it was the funniest thing. Well quick history, we shared rooms until we were 18 and I moved into my older sister’s room. When Tia and I were cleaning our room at the same time we would argue over whose clothes were on who’s bed! FOR REAL! So it would start to just smoothly putting said piece of clothing on the other’s bed, and the other twin would do the same thing with same said piece of clothing. Next it would escalate to throwing the clothing and one a few occasions we would shove each other. Then we would get to a high climax and just start LAUGHING at each other. We could never stay mad for very long, even if it was something big.  I am so glad I had someone in my life like this, it sure made life much more interesting!

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