November 6, 2010

Day 4-Your parents

I may sometimes mention my mom in my posts but I wouldn't be surprised if I haven't mentioned my dad at all.

Well to start off, my parents were never married. When I was under a year old my mom left my father for really good reasons. I grew up being very use to the idea of not having parents that lived together and to be honest I thought it was normal. When I was in first grade I heard about a girl who's father had died so she had no one to give anything to on father's day. I felt so sad for her, at least I had a father.

As part of a mutual agreement between my father and my mom it was required that my sisters and I were to see my dad every other weekend. I can't say I always enjoyed this. I loved my dad dearly and he was my hero, but I would get very home sick. And it is funny, I would be fine until one of my sisters got home sick, then it was just a downhill battle.

My dad ended up marrying another woman and she had a daughter from a previous relationship. At first I was super excited about this new lady and everything seemed great. Until I started going to my dad's house and finding that my room had been trashed by my step-sister while I was away. My twin and I shared a room while my older sister and my step sister shared a room. So even though that room was spot cleaned before we left to go home, it was just as dirty, if not dirtier, when we went back. You know who had to clean it right? Me and my twin. It made no sense and it infuriated me. My step-sister got away with so much while I couldn't breath wrong and get away with it.

But it didn't just stop with my step sister, my new step-mom would complain about how my mother raised me and when we were like 11 and 12 and watching pg13 movies and it just went on and on. There were numerous times I went home and cried when I saw my mom.

Eventually the relationships just went down hill from there and my dad stopped contacting me and my sisters. There were also other reasons that I do not care to mention.

SO, needless to say I have not spoken to my dad in 8, going on 9, years.

But thats enough of that sad stuff, here is the good stuff! MY MOM!!!

My mom is has been and will forever be my hero! She raised three kids by herself, all of them being born within a year of each other, AND we are all girls! I am pretty sure it can't get more difficult more that!

I will admit, my mom didn't always do things right, and of course I knew it all! I mean what teenager doesn't?! I will also admit that I didn't always appreciate my mom like I do today. I cannot imagine going through what she did, but she did do it and no love is more pure than that. My mom has always supported me in everything I did. From young marines to alpaca showing to the horses. Yes she may not go to every lesson I go to and she might not watch me ride as often as I would like her too, but she always asks me how it went and she always listens to my sometimes over elaborated stories.

So there you have it! My parents. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aww. I am very sad to hear we have similar families in some ways. Stepparents can suck. :[