November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, for most of us.

Well I have realized that this 30 day challenge has come to a griding halt pretty quickly. I'm not sure if it was my busy schedule, me being lazy, or a combination of both.

Before I get into details I did want to share a link that my friend provided me. She said that all though we should all be very happy today, there are people out there that may not be so happy.

I have read some of this ladies post and I tell you my heart aches for her and her horse. I would love everyone to at least read her latest post about her amazing horse Denali.

So what am I thankful for?
My family: They are always there for me and always will be they are what keeps me on this earth.
My friends: Although I don't have many TRUE friends the ones that I do have hold a great place in my heart.
The alpacas, dogs, cats, and horses in my life.
The house I live in, the COUNTRY I live in.

So much to be thankful for and it is amazing how on this day is when I realize how blessed I am.

I haven't seen Ranger for the past two weeks, and my surgery is drawing more and more near. Exactly 2 weeks away and I'm dreading it with every day. I can't say I was excited about my last 4 surgeries, but I shrugged them off and just mentally said "what every", but this time is different for some reason. I was just really getting back into the swing of riding and improving and now I'm going to be set back again.

On top of the surgery I realize I'm going to be pretty much in the house the whole time and I won't be able to see Ranger until I'm recovered. Want to know my worse fear? And it's so silly but it is there. I'm afraid someone else is going to gain a bond like with what I have with Ranger. I already get so jealous when people canter on him and all I can do is watch. I miss seeing him almost every day and giving him hugs and grooming him.

Here's a Max update:

He has had a very good few days, but I know the longer he has good days, the longer and worse will be his bad days. My Aunt and Uncle are still contemplating weather to put him down or not and I just hope the decision isn't made when he can no longer get up.

I have declared my 30DC a fail try but a worth while one! I am really going to try to blog more often, but I find that my posts are no where near as interesting as the ones that I read, more because I'm not an experienced enough rider to have anything interesting to really say.
Oh well I guess I'll just have to bore my readers until then!

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  1. Horses are very good at remembering people. Ranger will be looking for you. :)

    I know you feel like you don't do a whole lot with the horses, but maybe you could try talking about the steps you're taking to look into being a WS/shadowing a vet/etc. Obviously you don't have to get into specific details, but it might help to have things organized in writing form and to maybe get extra ideas from comments, too!

    Fingers crossed for Max... I hope he finds peace before it's no longer an option for him in life, but that you have plenty of time to spend with him, too.