November 15, 2010

Day 13-Goals

Oh I can and WILL write a ton about this!

I am a very goal orientated person. If I don't have goals I can and will turn into a large lump of nothing that can't and won't get off her bum. I literally have to set up goals for my day and even if I do THAT sometimes I only get a few goals accomplished, but hey I can't do everything!

Goal 1: To finish this 30 day challenge! I actually want to catch up to my late starting and get up to post number 15 either tonight, or 16 tomorrow night. This 30 day challenge is very fun, but I realize there is no way I can reach the 50K word goal, but I'm okay with that there is always next year, or heck there is always another MONTH that I could decide to do this!

Goal 2: To be a worker student for the summer. I love riding and horses, but I really want to extend my horizons onto other opportunities that just do not exist in Maine. I realize student workers might not make a lot of money, but I am a firm believer that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. I am currently just looking for a summer position and I just got my resume done today with a lot of help from my Mom, Kirstin, and Erin!

Goal 3: Kind of a life goal. One day I want to own alpacas and a few horses and also show jump, all on top of being a VET! I realize all of this might not happen unless someone invents at least two more hours in each day, but I could get the majority of that happening. As long as I get the vet goal down I think I will be satisfied enough.

Goal 4: To one day have a family. NO NO I am in no rush!!! I like my life as it is right now and I like the no stress of a boyfriend, but one day I would like a family.

Goal 5: To stay the independent woman I am! I truly do not want to dependent on a man, or anyone for that fact. It really makes me mad when a person says "I NEED YOU!" and they can't seem to function without a person. Yes, I realize if you have been married for fifty years, but I am in no rush to get to that state.

Even though these goals seem very complex and very hard to reach, I'm a very simple girl. At least my goal isn't to end world hunger.

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