November 11, 2010

Day 9-A picture of your friends

Oh my word what a fun post this is going to be!

*NOTE* lots of pictures!

Well lets start off with my BEST FRIEND in the whole wide world! YES you know who I am talking about. The girl that has always been there for my all through my 19 years of living, LITERALLY!
TIA, DUH! (on the left, I'm on the right). I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. She shares all the same passions as me in a round about way and we don't let anything happen to each other.

This is a picture of Maggie and I at a horse show this summer. Don't ask I have NO IDEA what I was doing when this picture was taken. Maggie has been a close friend through elementary school but we became much closer when I found that she rode and use to work at the barn that I was working at. I was really singing *It's a small world after all*

Now everything so far has been some how related to horses, well here is a new species...ALPACAS! This is most of the ACONE (Alpaca Center of New England) group along with the kids! From left to right it is Lydia, Tia, Me, Evelyn, Dianne (Evelyn and Lyidia's WONDERFUL mother), Connie (my Aunt), and Corry. The picture is missing Red (my Uncle), Matt (Diane's husband), Robin, and Diane's and Matt's twins Abby and Sarah. YES a big group of people, but like family!

I have lots of friends and I wish I could post pictures of them all! But I realize that would be very unrealistic. So here are my other great friends and if I miss you I am terribly sorry! Kirstin C., Erin H., Kait S., and all my Young Marine friends (SEMPER FI GUYS!) and JILL!!

Oh let me tell you about Jill! I have worked with her since last year in March and I don't think I have met a more caring and loving person! She made me fit right in at work and she always made it that more enjoyable! Jilly I love you so much!

Growing up I wasn't too concerned about friends, in my eyes friends equaled drama, espically in high school and I could NOT stand drama. I also didn't mind that I didn't have a lot of friends, I had my family and the people that really mattered in my life and that is all I needed.

But with the less friends I have, the more love I can give to them!

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