November 6, 2010

Day 3-Your first love

Well today is actually day four, but don't worry day four post is coming too :)

My first love, believe it or not was NOT Ranger. SHOCKING I know!

Above is my first love! His name is Max. Max is apart of the original thirteen alpacas that my Aunt and Uncle bought. He is around nine years old (alpacas live to be fifteen to twenty). When we bought the alpacas at first Max was just another alpaca and I did not pay particular amounts of attention to him. But one day in the old barn I was doing chores and he let me rub him underneath his chin. Alpacas do not generally like to be petted espically around their heads. I was so shocked and he seemed to enjoy it. 

A year or so later when we moved into the new barn, Max ended up getting really hurt by another alpaca named Granito, who has little man syndrome. Max is a gielding if I did not mention before. Max had gotten mounted and pinned down in the bottom pasture away from the barn. In order to get back to the barn you have to climb a decently steep hill. My Uncle saw what was going on and got Granito off of Max and Max got up. We weren't sure how long Granito had Max pinned down but Max has arthritis in his hips so even if it wasn't for very long, Max would have suffered from lots of pain anyways. It ended up my Uncle pretty much had to carry Max back up the hill. 

I'm not sure how many days after (I believe it was the next day) that I went to the alpaca farm and saw Max, but it was really hard to see him the way he was. He had a super green neck (from Granito's spit) and his eyes looked so painful. I sat down besides Max and he naturally leaned away from me. He couldn't get up to walk away. I just sat there talking to him gently and then I reached for his spot under his chin that he liked scratched. Max seemed to relax and then that's when I realized how much I cared for Max. Next I got up to get some paper towels to clean Max's neck off. This was probably more for me, but I like to think Max appreciated it also. So after many paper towels I finally got Max's neck to where there was only a tint of green. By this time I was pretty much inches away from Max and he didn't seem to mind.

Ever since then Max has been my love. Yes, I share my love with Ranger also, but Max was certainly my first love.

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