December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

First off, before I forget, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and to being safe and with your family. Personally I am super excited for tomorrow because the family tradition is that my grandparents come over to open presents and then we have a french toast breakfast! This year will be special because my older sister's boyfriend will be joining us. My older sister moved in with her boyfriend and now live about an hour away, so my mom and I picked them up this morning and they are going to spend the night and spend Christmas morning with us.

I know the Holidays are suppose to be filled with joy and family, and I have all of that and so much more, but I can never help but think about the vetrans overseas fighting every day, and not getting a chance to see their families on Christmas morning, and watch their kids ripping open gifts and seeing those smiles of utter surpirse on their faces. This year I heard a very touching song, it has been around for years but I guess this is the first year that I actually listen to the lyrics, and it touched me immensely. The song is called Camouflage and Christmas Lights I realize everyone is super busy with the holidays, and I am in no way a very religious person, but it would be nice if you could just take a moment to send a prayer to those who don't get a chance to see their families this holiday season, pray for them to come home soon and safely.

Now, horse news! I went to the horse barn yesterday and decorated Ranger's stall!

Ranger's door. He has, red tinsel with green balls, two little stockings, green bow, and a reindeer.

Ranger's "window", silver beads with bells, and a snowman headband.

See, the way I am, I am a worry wart when it comes to horses, ask my friends Erin and Kirstin they will tell you! So, to make sure that Ranger didn't think the tinsel and beads were snacks for him, I hung them up as high as I could get while safely one footed on a mounting block, yes talent, and then I used bailing twine, AND resourceful, to tie all loose ends to in front of some wood, so the best he could do is chew on the bailing twine. Ranger isn't known for being chewy on inanimate objects, but I just wanted to make sure.

As time goes on I'm missing riding more and more, but I'm going to drive M. nuts with me asking if I can ride as much as I can! I'll be riding soon enough, just time and patience.

Happy Holidays everyone and be safe!

Thanks for reading.

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