December 19, 2010

Time to be proactive.

I feel that I owe my readers a little explanation for my past very depressing posts.

This, what I call a "depression phase", happens every time I have had surgery on my feet. I go a day or two and can't stop boo-hooing about how awful I feel and how much life sucks, and I usually find something to get my mind busy and it goes away.

Last night I found a way to do that. One of my worries about this surgery was that I was going to get out of my riding shape that took me so long to develop. I am limited to what I can do but I decided to be proactive. I looked up online for some exercises that I could still do on crutches and came up with two that I am going to do daily. One is good old sit ups. I did 30 very slow sit-ups last night and couldn't do anymore. I wasn't sure weather to feel proud or sad haha. Next I did ten reps of leg lifts, keeping each leg in the air for 5 seconds. My right foot (the one I had my operation on) had my ice boot on, so that added maybe around 3 pounds, which in my mind is a bonus.

I did those exercises and felt immediately better. I also went to the alpaca farm today and Max is doing great! His hind end is still curved in, but I have seen him out in the pastures a few times and even saw him run a yard or so. I went up to Max who was eating grain and gave him my usual "maxy-max!" greeting and he looked up and gave me kisses and nibbled on my nose, a more recent greeting of his, and my heart just warmed right up.

Next we finished up our Christmas shopping and my Grandmother bought me two books in a series about a vet. I was tempted to buy a book about horse bits and equine veterinarians but I decided to wait until after Christmas.

So my wish list so far for AFTER Christmas?
1. Some horse books
2. Some vet books
3. Point and Shoot camera

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That depression phase is normal. Surgery is tough mentally and physically. Sit ups and leg lifts are great. If you lift both legs at the same time while flat on your back, it works your lower abs. I do 50 of each every night. I just got back into it. I was doing 100 per night and 50 per morning in the spring... plus bike riding, which you can't really do with a busted foot, I guess.