December 27, 2010

Snow snow snow

You've always heard of "Be careful for what you wish for" right? Well today is my day, we have gotten at least a foot of snow and it's not suppose to stop snowing until 2AM tomorrow morning. I love snow, but this is just over whelming, since I'm obviously of no help because of my foot. My mom got stuck in the drive way and my Grandfather and my older sister and her boyfriend hopped right up to go and help and I was like "umm yeah I'll stay here" it really sucks.

BUT, I do have some good news. This Wednesday, the 29th, I am going for my doctors appointment and I am hoping that she will say that I can start with partial weight bearing! I am going to be back riding in no time. I have set a list of goals that I wish to accomplish that I am going to talk to M. about when I go back to riding.

1. Get back into the "swing" of things
2. Ride at least once a week
3. Talk to M. about cantering and ask what I can do to prepare.
4. Set up a training "sheet" to go by to make sure I stay on track.

Also I hope everyone had great holiday, I know I certainly did. The whole family was together and we had our traditional Christmas breakfast of french toast and sausage and bacon.

I have to say one of my best gifts was a book that my Grandmother bought me! The Power to Win: Achieving Peak Performance with Hypnosis and NLP I have read close to 100 pages and even though there are some pages that were dry, its very interesting and I can't wait to start trying some of it out.

Thanks for reading everyone :)

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