December 9, 2010

Not horse related but just, if not more important.

This post today is not dedicated to me, or even about horses. Tonight I want to tell you about a lady that my mom works with, I will refer to her as K. who is a remarkable woman who has had her world shattered in order to to save another's life.

I am not aware of all the details but my mom has been telling me parts of K's battle.

K. works in a doctors complex and my mom has, as a PA, had the honor of working with K. and I have heard many great stories about this woman who I have yet to meet.

Sometime last week, my mom came home in an off mood and as I usually do I asked her how her day was and she started with her story.

She told me about a car accident that K. had the previous day. As K. was driving home from work, she saw that a truck with a man and a dog in it, was sliding on the slippery Maine roads, and could not seem to avoid K.'s lane. In an effort to avoid a head on collision that would certainly end in injuries to all parties, K. swerved off the road and into a ditch. After the ditch, K's car hit a tree, but this is not the worse part of the event. K's airbags did not deploy after hitting the tree. This car is not used and K has been the only owner of this car. Due to the air bag's not deploying K suffered a major concussion that sent her to the hospital. At first the doctors sent her home with the diagnosis of a concussion and told her to take it easy for a while.

A while after this, K. began to realize that she couldn't finish sentences, and she couldn't find the words to every day objects. Going back to the doctor's, K found the concussion was worse than predicted. The doctors say she is going to have to be off of work for a while in order for the inflammation in her brain to subside, and they are hopping after some time her speech will come back.

Not only is K. out of a job, but she also has two kids. A 13 year old daughter and a 15 year old son, three dogs, and a devoted husband. The husband works, but it is not nearly enough to support all of their children and all the necessities.

K and her family are finding that they do not have enough money to buy food and they are unable to pay for their insurance for K. My mom saw K today and as she described their discussion, I was brought into tears about how this woman is telling people "I'm not stupid, I just can't think of the word".

We are doing as much as we can to help this family!

So far we have a plan of asking our big grocery stores to donate food for the family and dogs and asking some oil companies for a discount or free oil for their house that they are renting to own.

Ideally I would LOVE to get people to donate what they can for this family, but another thing I would love even more is some ideas of what we can do to for this family!
So far we are going to be talking to
Hannaford, Walmart, Dominos (maybe they can make and deliver a pizza for the family for dinner a night), some local oil companies, and the hospital that K worked for.

If anyone has more ideas please post a comment here or send me an e mail to

Even letters ask for her to get better would be greatly appreciated so I could deliver them to her.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. What a terrible thing to happen to a wonderful person. She's lucky to have kind people like you in her life. I get aphasia when I get migraines so I can imagine how frustrated she must be at her lack of words. I hope she has a fast and full recovery. Keep us posted.