December 17, 2010

Enjoying Winter From the Inside

Hands down, my favorite season is winter, but instead of being outside enjoying the cold and snow, I'm inside enjoying the pain (that is getting better) of my foot that was operated on last Friday.

Since I don't have any recent "horsey" experiences to share with the readers, I guess I'll just share how my week has gone.

December 10th: Surgery day. For those who aren't quiet caught up about what was happening I'll share a quick summary. I have really high arches in my feet, which in turn I would keep spraining my ankles at least once a year. I saw a Doctor who put me in inserts that go into my shoes and for a few years that worked until I started spraining my ankles again. I saw another Doctors, because my last one moved to TEXAS, and she said that we should do surgery. Long story short, it has taken four tries on my right foot and on try on my left foot to get things right. I had three on my right foot then it seemed fine, but once we fixed the left foot I had a noticeably limp that would effect my right hip, so it was back to the right foot (which was this surgery). The plan was to, like my left foot, break a bone, take a small piece out and put a screw in. So I went to Scarborough for my surgery. Let me tell you that hospital is NICE! I have been there once before for another surgery and come to find out I had the same nurse that I had two years ago. She was a riot and made the visit, if possible, more enjoyable. So I went into surgery and came back. I guess there was a complication in the surgery, don't worry all my phalanges are still attached. When putting a screw into a bone, there is a wire that goes in with the screw to help guide the screw, and after the screw is in the wire should easily be pulled out. Well according to Dr K., the wire broke. She tried getting the wire out but decided it would cause more damage to dig for it than to leave it in.

Now in all of my past surgeries, when I am waking up I am tell people to stop talking to me and to let me sleep. Wasn't this time different! I am not sure what they gave me but it made me act way to funny. First off when I woke up, I decided that I wanted to get home as fast as I could, no sleeping for hours then going  home. If anyone has been under anethesia, you know how hard it is to stay awake after a four hour operation. So, in order to keep myself awake I was counting the ceiling tiles in my room, there was 28. My Mom was looking at me so weird once I started staring at the computer monitors and such and says "Stasha...what are you doing?" in reply I said and smiled "If I can identify things they will let me go home!" I guess my mom bursted out laughing. Next a nurse came in and asked me if I wanted toast and something to drink, I said yes please and got toast with jam and some apple juice. I was STARVING! I am the kind of person that needs breakfast in order to function. Mom said I ate each half a piece of toast in two bites. As I was drinking my apple juice I could see across the hall a nurse getting some coffee. I asked my Mom if I could have some coffee, it would help me wake up faster of course. My mom said no. I looked at her and said "He can have coffee! Why can't I have coffee?" Again I have no idea what kind of drugs they gave me! Again, another laughing session from my Mom and Grandmother. Needless to say I ended up being able to go home in record time! Must have been all that counting :)

December 12th: We had a family Chirstmas party that I actually slept though most of it =D

Now: This week has been pretty low key. I miss the horses a ton but I know the more I rest up the sooner I will recover and be able to ride again.

Update of K. as mentioned before in the post K. Accident a girl my mom worked with got in an accident that is preventing her from working, thus she cannot pay for groceries and to support her family. My mom and I have been going nuts asking people for food donations and such. I guess my mom got home last night and my super good friend, who I call "Pops", and his family dropped off at least 10 grocery bags full of food!!!! My mom called him up and said there is much more to come. I wanted to cry I was so happy! This man is so selfless and his family is amazing! As far as K goes, she is getting better and according to my mom can speak full sentences but she stutters a lot, but is still unable to work. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Pops he went above and beyond what we could have imagined!! What a great man!

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Good to hear K's doing better... Sounds like you have some really nice friends up there too!

    ♥ you. Hope your foot's feeling better today!

  2. Ick about the surgery. It's amazing that everyone pulled together to help K. I'm surprised she's not getting disability to help her out :(

    Ozzy and I are actually an endurance pair ;) He's not steady enough over fences to do eventing.

  3. Oh failure! Will edit that asap xD