March 22, 2010

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

My very first depressing post :(

Last Friday, March 19th, I had a riding lesson. Instead of riding Strawberry I rode Ranger. According to Michelle she wanted me to "have a lesson that didn't require me falling off a horse". The lesson overall was fantastic and I always learn more and more. Michelle seemed more on edge than I was, and she was all telling me not to be afraid. But fact is, I wasn't one bit while riding Ranger, I trust him so much.

About half way through the lesson I asked Michelle when Ranger and Rosie were going home. She told me at the end of April. Not quiet wanting to know, I asked where their original home was and she gave me the worse news I ever wanted to hear. They originally live in New Hampshire!

Lets just say the lesson went from amazing to very very sad in a moments time. I was so bummed that I may never see the horse who taught me SO much ever again.

After the lesson the horses, espically Ranger since he hasn't been shedding much, were super sweaty so Tia and I walked them around the inside arena for a couple minutes. I took this time to practice our stretching on command exercises and the turning on the forehand and haunches ground work, since he was NOT going to do it with me in the saddle. Michelle came in and told me I didn't have to do all that but I told her I wanted too and I really enjoyed working with him.

Its sad to say but the farm will never be the same once he is gone. I always look forward to working because I know he is there and he is always happy to see me. I'm not sure how I should handle this. What I really want to do is spend more and more time with him now that he is leaving...but I wonder if that will make this even more harder. On the other hand I think I should start to distance myself from him...maybe I'm just taking this all wrong and being over dramatic about it? Iono... 

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