March 16, 2012

A Quickie

Okay all you dirty minds out there I didn't mean it like that...

Just a quick post! Tomorrow I am going to a birthing clinic for alpacas *squeel* very excited and I'm going to get many pictures! Its being held at my Aunt's and Uncle's so I get in free anyways haha!!

ALSO!! We are expecting a cria to be born tomorrow! Falon looked very uncomfortable and I felt bad for the girl :-( she was rolling and just looked like "Get this thing out of me!" I hope to get some pictures of the birth for you guys! Cross your fingers for a BLACK GIRL, but also a healthy baby! Falon tends to have very big babies which can be good and bad. I will also be posting some more photos of the other crias they are getting so big and hopefully I can get a video of them playing (warning it is SO adorable!)

Hope everyone is doing great :)

Thanks for reading!

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