September 8, 2013

It feels like Fall!

The past two days has brought the feeling of crisp and clean air. It has felt like fall and I LOVE IT! Fall is hands down my favorite season not only because it makes riding more bearable but it means I can sleep with my window on in a sweatshirt.

Since school has started two more roommates have moved into the trailer that I live in. One is a girl that also rides horses! We are a lot alike mostly that we talk non-stop haha, which is nice because the other roommates rarely come out of their bedrooms. Yesterday I decided to bring B to the barn and ride Ali while I ride Feather. I love having someone to ride with so I was ecstatic.

Well come to find out it was probably a day that both of us should have stayed in bed! I rode Feather in her western tack believing it would fit better than the only English saddle available at the farm and had B ride Ali in the English tack. After a while we decided to switch horses. The BO had come back with her friends after going on a trail ride. I had to readjust the western saddle because it had moved too far back (Feather is so pudgy she has no withers and I have decided that the western saddle did not fit her nearly well enough). I moved the saddle up and regirthed her for B. As B went to go mount up the girth wasn't tight enough and the saddle rolled over and B fell on her back. In the process doing some damage to her ankle. I won't lie I was a horrible friend and busted out laughing at first but then stopped once she said she hurt her ankle. She stood up quickly and walked over to the gate where she fainted. I ran over with the BO and her friends to help B. I was already thinking "Yup lost my riding buddy". We got B up and sitting down and I gave her my water bottle to drink and she felt better. I still felt horrible but B said she was fine, and she looked so much better and stayed to watch me ride Ali some more.

By the time we were done B was back to normal and we were joking around while we untacked. Then came my turn...I was just standing around with Ali when Star (a 30 year old cuddle horse) came up to stand on the other side of Ali. B went to go shoo her away and in the process something must have bitten Star because she bolted in front of Ali and proceeded to run me over, in which I went flying back three feet and landed on my back, hitting my head on a log that was on the ground (thank GOD I was wearing my helmet). Thankfully I didn't get stepped on and Star was fine, but I had to bust out laughing. I've never had so many horse accidents happen in one day, hopefully this isn't' a bad omen of things to come.

In other news school started last week and it looks like it's going to be a great semester! It won't be easy, but it's going to be manageable and I really enjoy all of my professors.

On a completely random note just heard a little girl across the road yell "MOMMY" and the Mom said "Hey baby!" adorable :)

Thanks for reading!

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