February 16, 2012

Question: Slow moving horse

I have a quick question. Dessi has been coming along training wise, and she is a very intelligent horse, one thing that I have noticed is that when asking her to back up (on the ground) she is so dang slugish! And I am not exaggerating it's -think- bring one foot back, -think- bring the other foot back. What can I do to make her backing up a little faster? I realize that there is a limit about how fast a horse can back up, but we have an arthritic 9 year old who backs up five times faster than Dessi.


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  1. Hi! Great question! Does the mare back up under saddle slowly too? if she does, i would say that she is not sure about backing up-- it is sort of like walking blindfolded to us, so it would be understandable if she needs to build her confidence! if that is indeed the case, i would say to keep working on her backing up and give her lots of praise when she does.pushing on her shoulders would help her understand to go back. If she is OK undersaddle, than i would (if you are not already doing so) put more pressure on her nose in addition to pushing back. try to get her to drop her nose so she is not avoiding the pressure. Ofcourse, consult your trainer first!! Good luck and keep at it!!